Zendaya’s Relationship to Working Out in Quarantine Is So Relatable

Zendaya continues to prove that she’s more relatable than ever. The movie star is famed for her ultra-chill and down to earth vibes. Fans, friends, and fellow actors alike have all gushed about how kind and genuine the 23-year-old is. Despite her ever-increasing success and impressive net worth, she continues to prove that she’s not too different from everyday people.

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Because of her demanding career, it’s rare that Zendaya has any downtime. Whether she’s filming movies, modeling, shooting her hit HBO series, Euphoria, or working on music, the Spider-Man: Far From Home star has been working nonstop since she was a kid. But, thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Zendaya has had more free time than she ever expected.

Zendaya shares what she’s been up to in quarantine

In a recent interview with InStyle, Zendaya got candid about how she’s been navigating being in quarantine and 2020 in general. She admitted that it’s been tough on her emotionally and creatively. But, she also expressed gratitude for having the financial security and health that many people don’t.

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“I genuinely don’t know how I’m doing,” the singer began candidly. “It’s been an interesting few months, to say the least. But I’ve been trying to remain not just positive but grateful. I’m grateful for my health and for the fact that I can quarantine safely. I know that I’ll be OK financially once this is over, but for a lot of people that isn’t the case. So anytime I start complaining, I just stop,” Zendaya stated.

The ‘Euphoria’ star has explored different activities

Like many others, Zendaya has used her newfound free time to explore new hobbies. But, thus far, most things don’t seem to be sticking. The California native has always been candid about the fact that she doesn’t really work out. But, she even gave fitness a try for a while. However, she couldn’t be fussed to stick with it for a considerable length of time. She also tried things that were more artistic and got bored of them pretty fast.

“I painted for a week, and then I tried working out for a week, but I burned out on both very quickly,” Zendaya admitted. On the other hand, Zendaya has managed to further her musical skills in isolation. “I did buy a piano in an attempt to learn how to play, though. I’ve taught myself one song so far. It’s a song I wrote that is only three chords, so not that exciting, but I can play it,” the Euphoria star shared.

Zendaya has movies and other projects on the horizon

Though Zendaya is open to exploring new passions, she’s still got her eyes focused on her career and the future. She admits that she’s finding her footing and learning how to continue to create in this time of uncertainty.

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“I also have so many beautiful projects to look forward to,” the actor revealed. “How the world is going to be able to see them, I don’t really know. But that’s when it’s time to get even more innovative and figure out how we are going to exist in this industry with this new world.” While we’re certainly unsure of the future in general, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Zendaya.