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It’s no secret that plenty of aspiring actors look up to Zendaya. At just 25, the multitalented performer already has quite the resume. Zendaya got her start at a young age, growing up starring in shows on the Disney Channel. But she’s managed to find even more success since leaving the mouse house. The Oakland native has starred in blockbusters like The Greatest Showman and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Furthermore, she’s earned a ton of critical acclaim for her work in Euphoria and recently earned her second Emmy nomination for her portrayal of the teenage drug addict.

actor Zendaya at the Time100 Gala
Zendaya | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Zendaya has excelled as an actor and a producer and is looking to direct an episode of ‘Euphoria’ in the near future

Zendaya is quick to share that she still has so much to learn in the world of entertainment. Furthermore, she has hopes to venture outside of acting as well. She’s already started producing, but she also hopes to give directing a try. In fact, the Shake It Up! alum was supposed to direct an episode of Euphoria in season 2, but she ran out the time necessary to do it justice. However, she hopes to make her directorial debut in season 3 of the hit HBO show.

What advice does the Emmy nominee have for aspiring actors?

But just because Zendaya is still learning doesn’t mean she doesn’t have advice for those who are pursuing acting. One thing the Dune star loves to hammer home is that actors (and singers) should always read their contracts. In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Zendaya also shared the importance of not letting fear rule your decisions as an actor.

“I think something that many actors have, which is something you learn, is that you can’t be afraid to look stupid, you can’t be afraid to mess up, you can’t be afraid of anything,” Zendaya shared. “I’m trying to apply that to other parts of my life, because I’m always afraid to do things in fear of not being great. But the only way to get great is to be fearless and try.”

Zendaya recently developed an interest in photography

One new medium that Zendaya herself is trying out is photography. Inspired by Euphoria’s cinematographer, Marcell Rév, Zendaya has been figuring out how to take better pictures. And while it’s a bit intimidating for her, because she’s more of a newbie, she’s pushing herself to just go for it.


Zendaya Admits She Sometimes Feels ‘Silly’ Being an Actor

“I’m always so nervous to try things because I don’t want to not be great at them,” Zendaya shared. “But I was like, ‘You know what, let me buy a bunch of film cameras and just start trying, and then if I need help, I’ll ask people like Marcell.'” Certainly, Rév is an excellent resource for Zendaya. The actor also spends time on Euphoria’s set even when she’s not working in order to gain new knowledge. So while Zendaya may have some fear about new endeavors, she’s certainly not letting it rule her.