Zendaya Shares the Recipe for Her Mom’s Vegetarian ‘Molten Lava Cake’-Esque Brownies

Zendaya has been a vegetarian since she was a child. When it comes to vegan recipes with avocados, though, even this actor was hesitant. Here’s what she had to say about her mom’s vegan brownie recipe, which turned out to taste more like a “molten lava cake.” 

Zendaya is the star of HBO’s drama series ‘Euphoria’

In 2019, HBO released their drama series, Euphoria, starring Zendaya as the main character. She acted as the teenage narrator named Rue, who finds herself falling head over heels for the new girl, Jules. 

Thanks to her appearance in this drama series, Zendaya earned the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, becoming the youngest actress to do so.

Prior to that, Zendaya appeared in the movie musical, The Greatest Showman, starring as the trapeze artist, Anne Wheeler. 

She acted in multiple Disney Channel-related projects. For 2021, Zendaya is set to premiere in the sci-fi/adventure film, Dune, which also features Timothée Chalamet and Oscar Isaac. 

Zendaya attends the LA Premiere of HBO's 'Euphoria'
Zendaya attends the LA Premiere of HBO’s award-winning drama series, ‘Euphoria’ | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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Zendaya and her mom made avocado brownies

Aside from her acting and modeling life, Zendaya often shares her family’s adventures with fans on social media. That includes plenty of videos of her dog, Noon, and clips of her hanging out with parents.

In 2018, Zendaya shared that she and her mother tried out a recipe for vegan brownies, using avocados and sweet potatoes as diary and egg substitutes. 

“My mom text me saying she wanted to come over so we could bake,” Zendaya tweeted. ”I’m thinking like cake and cookies kinda bake. So you could imagine my disappointment when she arrives and says she wants to make vegan avocado brownies……yeah. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.”

“Update, it’s pretty good,” Zendaya tweeted after fans asked how they came out. “I’m impressed. Taste more like the inner of one of those molten lava cakes.”

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In 2018, Zendaya dropped a recipe for vegan brownies 

After several fans asked for the recipe, Zendaya posted it to social media. The brownies did ask for about half of an avocado mashed, as well as sweet potato, and a creamy nut butter. Because they’re vegan, the recipe also called for dairy-free chocolate chips, to make it extra chocolate-y. 

To sweeten the brownies, the recipe also calls for maple syrup (Zendaya and her mom added extra,) and to make it extra rich, three tablespoons of cacao powder. “I know it sounds weird,” Zendaya wrote. “It’s pretty… good.”

The actor also shared a picture of their creation baking in the oven. The series of of tweets earned thousands of likes from fans, most of them sharing their love for Zendaya.

Episodes of the award-winning drama series, Euphoria, including the recently-released special episode, are available for streaming on HBO Max.