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Zendaya has received no shortage of recognition for her work on Euphoria. In 2020, the former Disney darling earned a prestigious Emmy award for her work on the hit HBO series. But Zendaya wasn’t content with just acting on the show. After the show was renewed for a sophomore season, Zendaya became an executive producer of the show. This meant that she had even more creative input over her character, Rue, and the direction of the show. But Zendaya was supposed to have yet another role in Euphoria Season 2. Initially, she was supposed to make her directing debut also.

Zendaya on the red carpet
Zendaya | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Zendaya spends time on the ‘Euphoria’ set even when she’s not filming

For years, Zendaya has expressed an interest in directing. Late last year, she made headlines when she shared that she hoped to direct “a simple love story about two Black girls” one day. The “Replay” singer is doing her best to learn everything she can about what goes on behind the camera. In fact, she even spends extra time on the set of Euphoria to soak up additional knowledge.

“I try to be as present as possible,” Zendaya shared with Vogue Italia. “So when I’m on set, when I’m working, even if I’m not needed on set, I try to go there and learn as much as I can, be a sponge and take it in. Because that’s, to me, what is the most inspiring thing.”

The movie star was supposed to direct an episode of ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

In the aforementioned interview, Zendaya explained that she was actually supposed to direct an episode of Euphoria Season 2. However, she ultimately didn’t feel that she had enough time to do the episode justice. However, the Dune star is hopeful that season 3 will lend her the opportunity to dip her toes into the pool of directing.

“It’s funny I was actually supposed to direct episode 6, but then I had to act in it,” Zendaya shared. “I didn’t have enough time so, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to this time around. I wanted to have enough time to do it the right way, so next season probably.”

Sam Levinson predicted that Zendaya would start directing

Zendaya will certainly have the full support of Euphoria writer and creator, Sam Levinson, if and when she does direct an episode of the show. In fact, Levinson predicted Zendaya’s directing debut way back in 2019. While speaking with Collider, the Malcolm & Marie director was singing the praises of his show’s lead.

“In watching her act and just talking to her about film, you just realize, very quickly, that this is someone who has no ceiling to their talent,” Levinson shared about Zendaya. “She finishes an emotionally insane day, does beautiful work, and then is just chilling and talking to our gaffer or about the lighting, or whatever. I’m just looking at her and I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be a year or two before she’s directing.’ She’s so meticulous and so thoughtful about it. It’s inspiring, as a storyteller and as someone who’s able to push the show wherever it wants to go. It just really excites me.”


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It seems that Zendaya directing an episode of Euphoria is all but inevitable. We’re sure fans can’t wait to see what she creates (on-screen and behind it) in season 3.