Zendaya’s MCU Character Changes Too Much Between Both ‘Spider-Man’ Movies, Fans Complain

The character of MJ in the Tom Holland Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man movies is still a bit of a mystery, despite her being a romantic interest for Peter Parker. Whether she really represents Mary Jane Watson from the Marvel comic books (or someone else) is also still unknown, even if the intention was to bring elements from the comics version.

Or, at least this is what Zendaya, who plays MJ, said in recent interviews. Most fans disagree on this, though. Some suggest she turned into a different person in the more recent Spider-Man film compared to earlier.

There may be a good reason for that if going by the psychological aspects of the snap. Or, maybe MJ is starting to evolve into a different character.

How different was Zendaya’s MJ in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’?

Zendaya on the red carpet
Zendaya | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

When MJ first showed up in Homecoming, she was seen as an overly distant student who usually made an effort to rib her peers. One of the famous scenes of this is when she sketched Peter Parker being sent to detention. Her comment of “I just like to sketch people in crisis” set things in motion toward her opening up more to Parker.

In the beginning, though, she thought Parker and Ned Leeds were losers. She was very much a loner who just enjoyed losing herself in a book than hanging out with friends.

By the end of Homecoming, there were signs she and Parker were warming to one another. However, the events happening in-between Homecoming and Far From Home had MJ being a victim of the snap.

Coming back to life after dying changed her personality into someone seemingly different from how she started. Regardless, the mystery over what the name MJ really stands for goes on.

Fans on Reddit think MJ changed too much

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Characters changing too much can often disrupt fan perceptions without giving some logical explanations. According to Spider-Man fans on Reddit, MJ changed quite a bit when seen again in Far From Home.

Suddenly, she was more realistic rather than the quirky student seen in the prior film. On top of it, Reddit users note the MJ in the comics was really nothing like the MJ portrayed by Zendaya. Latter saying so seemed a bit erroneous from the start.

Doing so might be a ruse anyway since MJ now seems reinvented. Perhaps one reason she ended her rude, loner ways is because being resurrected after being dusted no doubt changes priorities.

If true, then MJ should become a more interesting character once Spider-Man 3 finally releases. Other rumors have MJ being very different from the Mary Jane everybody thought she was.

Is MJ going to turn into Firestar?

It was apparently established that MJ’s real name is Michelle Jones. Some fans contend this might not stay in place if rumors hold up she could turn into the superhero Firestar.

Various sources are starting to speculate on this as a serious possibility if having some complications since the original human name of Firestar was Angelica Jones.

As everyone knows, however, the MCU often changes things from the comic book iterations. Maybe their intention is to give a nod to the original MJ while still assimilating with the Angelica Jones persona.

Should the MCU go this route, it would become quite the twist, if giving Zendaya plenty more to do. This may also be the logical extension of her suddenly changing personalities.

MJ may have a similar trajectory to Tony Stark

Evolutionary arcs of characters is what MCU does best, especially showing Tony Stark going from an egotistical man-child to a mature, self-sacrificial adult. A similar plan may be in the works for MJ as a major pivot.

Some might say MJ has been a bit wasted in really being an essential character. Having her suddenly become Firestar (and working alongside Spider-Man) would potentially pave a whole new road with plot ideas.

In the end, maybe everyone will realize the reason MJ was such a loner in the beginning is because she knew she had a special ability to generate microwave radiation.

Then again, that never quite happened when she and Parker finally kissed.