The Unofficial Zodiac Signs of the ‘Euphoria’ Characters, As Guessed by Fans of the HBO Series

Whether you’re sympathizing with Cassie, cheering on Rue, or hating Nate, there’s plenty of emotions intertwined with the original television show, Euphoria. There could be some astrological reasoning behind the actions of these characters. Here are the zodiac signs of a few Euphoria characters, as predicted by Nylon Magazine and fans of the HBO drama series.

This article contains minor spoilers from season 1 of Euphoria. Read at your own risk!

Nate is a firey and outspoken Leo

As the show’s antagonist, Nate is definitely dealing with some internalized homophobia, brought on by his rocky relationship with his father. Nylon Magazine describes him as a Leo sun sign, illustrated by his ambition and, oftentimes, his natural leadership.

“Magnetic, Nate stars in the world rather than lives in it. His Leo pride is his weakness and, when bruised, it turns into self-aggrandized violence. His pride suffers most in relation to his family, the reputation of which he seeks to protect at all costs—another very Leo concern,” the article reads. “There is a yearning for love (Leo’s big heart) and a possessiveness inside him, which he knows how to weaponize against the women who are drawn to it.”

Hunter Schafer attends HBO's 'Euphoria' premiere
Hunter Schafer attends HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ premiere | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Rue’s best friend, Jules, is an obvious Aquarius, according to fans

She’s one of the most lovable characters in this series, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s searching for love and acceptance. As Rue’s love interest and one of the protagonists of Euphoria, some fans on social media named Jules the show’s resident Aquarius.

“Independent free-spirited nature, eccentric fashion, and makeup, nonconformist personality, non-traditional, one night stands with little attachment. Aquarians can be spotted in a crowd of people, this one was almost too easy,” said one Reddit user.

According to Nylon Magazine, Cassie is a Gemini

As a Gemini, Cassie comes across as superficial at first. Deep down, though, Cassie is searching for the love and acceptance she never found from her father. She finds that in McKay and even though their relationship isn’t perfect, she’s generally not afraid of confrontation and being upfront with him.

Of course, there are times when Cassie doubts herself and her decisions, but she generally has the best intentions, and her loved ones, in mind. (Other fans consider Cassie a Pisces because of her sensitivity and general likability. Others think she could be a Cancer, because of her deep emotional intelligence.)

Zendaya attends the LA Premiere Of HBO's 'Euphoria'
Zendaya attends the LA Premiere Of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The narrator of this series, Rue, is most likely a Saggitarius

The opinions regarding Rue’s zodiac sign are pretty split. Some think she’s a Cancer, because of her emotional attachment to Jules and her sister. Some think she’s a Saggitarius because she’s naturally charming and a true romantic underneath layers of protection.

The series establishes within the first few episodes that Rue was born a few days after 9/11. As a result, some viewers believe this character is a Virgo. As a Virgo, Rue is systematic and structured, yet extremely loyal and critical. That is especially true of her detective moments with Lexi.

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