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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist will soon receive its Christmas-themed makeover. Back in June, NBC opted to cancel the musical comedy after two seasons. However, The Roku Channel announced its plan to revive the show just a few weeks later. The new installment comes as a Christmas film meant to tie up loose ends from the Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist finale, but if all goes well, fans could see more movies or even the return of the series. Here’s everything to know about Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas, including the release date, cast, plot, and how to watch.

Jane Levy as Zoey and Alex Newell as Mo in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
Jane Levy as Zoey and Alex Newell as Mo in ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Season 2 | Michael Courtney/NBC/Lionsgate/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas’ release date

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist first premiered on NBC in January 2020. The series follows software developer Zoey Clarke (Jane Levy), who has plenty of tech knowledge to go around but zero musical appreciation. However, that changes when a mysterious earthquake leaves her with the ability to hear people’s thoughts as full-blown musical numbers. As Zoey navigates her new power, she finds herself in sticky situations with friends, family, work, and relationships.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist wrapped up its second season in June 2021. In August, The Roku Channel announced via Deadline that it had picked up the Christmas film. Fans then caught a first look at the movie on Nov. 1, seen below, featuring Zoey and her friend, Mo (Alex Newell), doing some Christmas shopping in a mall. Much to Zoey’s dismay, Mo breaks out into a rendition of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Along with the preview, The Roku Channel announced a Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas release date of Dec. 1.

Which cast members are returning for ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas’?

Fans of the original series can look forward to seeing most of the Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist cast return. As TVLine reported, Levy will be joined by Mary Steenburgen (Zoey’s mom, Maggie), Andrew Leeds (her brother, David), Alice Lee (her sister-in-law, Emily), and Peter Gallagher (her late father, Mitch).

Skylar Astin and John Clarence Stewart will also appear as Zoey’s love interests, Max and Simon. Other stars include Michael Thomas Grant (Leif), Kapil Talwalkar (Tobin), David St. Louis (Perry), and Bernadette Peters (Deb).

What is the Christmas special about?

Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas will pick up a few months after Mitch’s death. Feeling lost, Zoey attempts to recreate the magic of Christmas and give her family the holiday celebration her father would have wanted.

According to creator Austin Winsberg, Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas will serve as a standalone story, so those who haven’t seen the series can still watch. However, the movie will address some of the season 2 cliffhangers. As for what fans will see from Zoey, Winsberg said the protagonist will struggle with finding the spirit of the holidays in a way some viewers may relate to. He told Entertainment Weekly:

Zoey is going to be navigating the challenges of trying to celebrate her first Christmas without her father, who was such a big part of her life and the family’s life and who tried to always create these bigger moments, bigger memories around holiday times by having amazing Christmases for the Clark family. And now the family’s left adrift trying to figure out how to do it without dad around … Should we celebrate it at all? Should we ignore it? Do we honor him? Do we not honor him? What are the ways that we as a family can function over the holidays? … It also felt like, with the amount of loss that’s been happening in the world and with everything with COVID, that seemed like something that people could definitely relate and connect to, not being with loved ones and family over the holidays. 

How to watch ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas’


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Fans can stream Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas for free any time starting Dec. 1 via The Roku Channel website or The Roku Channel app. The best part? A Roku TV is not required. In addition to the movie, all episodes of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist are available now.