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Christina Nunn

Christina Nunn began contributing content to Showbiz Cheat Sheet in 2017. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing with minors in Journalism and Marketing.

Christina’s passion for the entertainment industry began with writing reviews of her favorite shows just for fun as an elementary school student. She’s still a pop culture aficionado, particularly with classic television shows, and loves learning everything that she can about the old-school stars and programs. She brushes up on her knowledge through reading, watching YouTube clips, and listening to historical and pop-culture podcasts.

Aside from her work at Endgame360, Christina is a script doctor for several friends in the entertainment industry, and works as a freelance film reviewer. Christina is a member of a Nashville Freelance Writers group. Among others, she is inspired by writers like Anthony Lane, the film critic and essayist for The New Yorker.

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