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Deisy Ventura

Deisy Ventura began contributing content to Endgame360 in 2021 and works primarily with content for Showbiz Cheat Sheet, though she occasionally writes for MotorBiscuit as well. She has a bachelor’s degree and loves to watch TV shows and movies.


Deisy has written over 900 articles. Some of her favorite articles for Showbiz Cheat Sheet include why Lindsay Lohan thinks she could return to music and her thoughts on why the Logan family in the Bold and Beautiful needs to take a back seat.


When Deisy isn’t busy writing for Endgame360, she enjoys renovating her home to recreate her space. She also admires the work of Enes Yilmazer, a real estate enthusiast living in Beverly Hills. And she likes to watch Tiny House Nation and Living Big in a Tiny House.



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