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Erin Culver

Erin Culver began as a contributing writer for Endgame360 in 2021, and focuses on content for Showbiz Cheat Sheet and MotorBiscuit. Her fixation with quality vehicle coverage began when she was researching her own car-buying choices, and it sparked a keen interest in learning more about the reliability and value of cars. She’s particularly interested in electric cars and the future of vehicles of all kinds.

On Showbiz, Erin writes most of her coverage about TV and musical artists she’s already a personal fan of. She’s seen Schitt’s Creek, The Office, Seinfeld, New Girl, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul all the way through — multiple times. Erin is a registered dietitian, but recently quit her full-time job to pursue freelance writing and editing full-time.

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