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Marjorie Halter

Marjorie Halter is a contributing writer for Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

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‘Green Acres’: Elvis Presley’s Manager Inspired 1 Main Character

The comedy Green Acres had one of the more memorable theme songs on TV. The TV show also had some pretty unforgettable characters, like perfectly coiffed Lisa Douglas and Arnold the Pig. But not all of the characters on the show were pure fiction. In fact, one of Green Acres‘ characters was inspired by Colonel …

‘Green Acres’: Could a Reboot Still Happen?

It seems that just about every TV show or movie is getting a reboot or spinoff. Perhaps the most successful and long-running example is the Star Wars franchise. In an era where everything old is new again, fans of Green Acres are wondering if the show could be rebooted for a whole new generation.  ‘Green …

‘Green Acres’: Did the Cast Eat Arnold the Pig?

With a catchy theme song and an adorable pig named Arnold, Green Acres was one of the more memorable TV shows to air in the 1960s. In fact, it was even a favorite show of a United States president. But whatever happened to sweet Arnold after the series finale? And is there any truth to …
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Jamie Foxx Glued His Eyes Shut For His Oscar-Winning Role in ‘Ray’

The world now knows him as Jamie Foxx, but he was born Eric Marlon Bishop. Today, Foxx is a successful actor who has starred in a long list of movies. However, he started his career as a struggling comedian. At first, Foxx found it difficult to schedule gigs. He quickly realized that women comedians were called …