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Elsa is one of the few Disney princesses with powers. She’s so powerful, in fact, that some compare her to one character from the X-Men universe.

Could Frozen 2 and its characters be linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here’s what we know about this Disney film and its “superheroes.”

Title placard of  the Disney film 'Frozen 2'
Title placard of the Disney film ‘Frozen 2’ | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

‘Frozen 2’ took Anna and Elsa into the ‘Enchanted Forest’

She’s hearing voices, but that’s not the only reason why Elsa is powerful. Ever since she was a little girl, the then-princess had ice powers. She could create snow creatures for her sister, Anna, to play with. She could even make a dress with her powers, as seen during her iconic “Let It Go” moment. 

In Frozen 2, however, this character took on new responsibilities as the Queen of Arandelle. Not only did she have to look after Olaf and Anna, but all of the people in her kingdom. After traveling to the Enchanted Forest, Elsa also learns more about the past and why she was gifted with her magical abilities. 

Is Elsa a superhero? Yes and no

Yes, Elsa is powerful and selfless, shutting her sister out to save her and eventually righting the wrongs of her ancestors, saving Arandelle in the process. When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, Elsa isn’t included alongside characters like Scarlet Witch. 

Disney’s Frozen character, Elsa, could be related to one of the X-Men characters. Screenrant compared Elsa’s magic to X-Man Bobby Drake (aka Iceman,) who has “almost identical” abilities when it comes to forming ice structures. 

Elsa’s powers are, debatably, even stronger, because she has the ability to create life from water molecules, more prominently, the loveable snowman named Olaf. She can also create clothing items and functioning scientific instruments.

There are other characters from ‘Frozen’ with ‘superpowers’

Elsa isn’t the only character with somewhat magical abilities from Disney’s Frozen. There’s Kristoff, who can understand what animals are saying. He functions as a translator for his reindeer, Sven, even speaking in the reindeer’s voice.

Frozen 2 also introduces fans to several other “mutants,” or spirits, as they’re called in the enchanted forest. In this film, Elsa functioned as the bridge between nature and people, Anna even calling her a gift to their parents. 

There’s yet to be a crossover between the X-Men Universe and Disney, but thanks to characters like Anna and Elsa, it’s looking more likely. Because Anna is a human fully accepted by people with magic, Screenrant notes, Charles Xavier’s vision can finally become a reality.  

Although the Frozen 2 creators shared that Anna and Elsa will most likely not return for the third movie, the characters have since made cameos in movies like Ralph Breaks the Internet and in television spinoffs, like Frozen Fever.