1 Jonas Brother Is Rooting for an ‘SNL’ Skit Making Fun of Disney Channel’s ‘Camp Rock’

Connect Three connected in Camp Rock, but will Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas ever reconnect for a Camp Rock musical? One of the brothers hopes they will for a Saturday Night Live skit about the Disney Channel Original Movie.

The Jonas Brothers (from left to right) Kevin, Joe and Nick arrive for the Disney Channel European premiere of 'Camp Rock'
The Jonas Brothers (from left to right) Kevin, Joe and Nick arrive for the Disney Channel European premiere of ‘Camp Rock’ | Zak Hussein – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers first appeared in ‘Camp Rock’ and Disney Channel-related projects

Some know Kevin, Joe, and Nick from their music, others know them from their role as “Connect Three” in the Disney Channel original movie, Camp Rock. In it, the boy-boy rocker, Shane Gray, needs to change his image.

He heads to a summer camp, unknowingly falling in love with the protagonist of the movie, Mitchie Torres (portrayed by Demi Lovato.) Following their appearance in Camp Rock, these brothers starred in their own Disney Channel original series.

Jonas told the story of one family of rockers trying to live a normal life at their local high school. The characters then moved to Los Angeles with the spinoff series, Jonas L.A.

Would the Jonas Brothers ever return for another ‘Camp Rock’ sequel?

It’s been a few years since the Jonas brothers worked with Disney Channel. After branching out to work on solo projects, including Nick Jonas’ appearances in films like Jumanji and Midway, they reunited to release music under the same band name. 

When it comes to whether or not they would work with Disney for another Camp Rock movie, however, the answer was “absolutely not” from one performer. Another, however, expressed interest in returning as the characters for a Saturday Night Live skit.

“The answer is absolutely not. From me, I don’t know about you guys,” Nick Jonas said during an interview with PopBuzz. “Camp Rock was a great chapter in our lives…”

“I wouldn’t be opposed to doing an SNL skit about Camp Rock but I also think it would be funny if we waited like 30 something years from now when we’re really old,” Joe Jonas added.


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The Jonas Brothers still release music and tour 

During an interview with Capital FM, Joe Jonas was asked the same question. He stated that Disney doesn’t have any plans for a Camp Rock reunion and he doubts they would create one in the future. 

“Oh, doubtful, I think we probably would go for more of like a skit, like an SNL skit or something like that, or go on one of the shows here and do something funny,” Joe Jonas said. “I feel that would be better to play because for us we separate Jonas Brothers and stuff we did with Disney.”

That’s not to say the Jonas Brothers don’t still perform together. Recently, they appeared on the Netflix original series, Dash and Lily. Nick Jonas even went on tour with his Camp Rock co-star, Lovato.

Fans can watch the original Camp Rock, its sequel, and the Jonas original television series on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+.