1 of Paul McCartney & Wings’ Songs Was Written for Michael Jackson

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson made very different music. Despite this, one of Paul McCartney & Wings’ songs was originally written for Jackson. Paul McCartney & Wings released their version of the song and Jackson later covered the song on one of his most famous albums.

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson near a switchboard
Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson | -/AFP via Getty Images

Michael Jackson revealed when he first saw Paul McCartney

In his autobiography, Moonwalk, Jackson discussed Paul a number of times. Jackson said Paul would often say they met when he called the former Beatle and asked if he wanted to write hits. Jackson said this was not actually how he met Paul for the first time.

“I saw Paul for the first time at a party on the Queen Mary, which is docked in Long Beach,” Jackson wrote. “His daughter Heather got my number from someone and gave me a call to invite me to this big party. She liked our music and we got to talking.”

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The time Paul McCartney performed a song for Michael Jackson at a party

Afterward, Jackson met Paul at a party. “Much later, when his Wings over America tour was completed, Paul and his family were in Los Angeles,” Jackson added. “They invited me to a party at the Harold Lloyd estate. Paul McCartney and I first met at that party.”

Paul revealed he wrote a song for Jackson. “We shook hands amid a huge crowd of people, and he said, ‘You know, I’ve written a song for you,'” Jackson recalled. “I was very surprised and thanked him.

“And he started singing ‘Girlfriend’ to me at this party,” Jackson remembered. “So we exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together soon, but different projects and life just got in the way for both of us and we didn’t talk again for a couple of years.” Jackson said he later worked on the songs “The Girl Is Mine” and “Say Say Say” to repay the favor.

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The way the world reacted to the 2 versions of the song

Paul McCartney & Wings later released their version of “Girlfriend” on their album London Town. London Town reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200, staying on the chart for 28 weeks. The Official Charts Company reports the album was a comparable hit in the United Kingdom. London Town reached No. 4 in the U.K., remaining on the charts for 23 weeks.

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Jackson later released his version of “Girlfriend” on his classic album Off the Wall. Off the Wall reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and lasted on the chart for 193 weeks. The Official Charts Company reports Off the Wall peaked at No. 3 on the U.K., remaining on the chart for 225 weeks. “Girlfriend” is not one of the more famous songs by Jackson or Paul McCartney & Wings; however, it’s a song with interesting connections to a pair of icons.