‘1000-lb Best Friends’: How Old Are Meghan Crumpler and Vannessa Cross? Are They Married?

1000-lb Best Friends is TLC’s spinoff of 1000-lb Sisters, and fans can’t wait to see the friend dynamics between Meghan Crumpler, Vannessa Cross, Tina Arnold, and Ashley Sutton. The new show follows Sutton, Arnold, and Cross as they each try to lose weight on their own. As for Crumpler, she had weight loss surgery, and the show follows her post-surgery life. So, what is Meghan Crumpler’s age? And what is Vannessa Cross’s age? Are the women married? Here’s what we know.

What is Meghan Crumpler’s age in ‘1000-lb Best Friends’? What is Vannessa Cross’s age?

Vannessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler sitting next to each other in '1000-lb Best Friends'
Vannessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler in ‘1000-lb Best Friends’ | TLC via YouTube

Prior to 1000-lb Best Friends, Meghan Crumpler and Vannessa Cross starred in the Discovery+ show Too Large. The show followed the friends as they each tried to lose weight. Now, Tina Arnold and Ashley Sutton join them in the 1000-lb Best Friends cast. The new TLC series follows each of their individual journeys through life.

“It’s brought us closer, because not everybody gets to film with their best friend and share their life with the world,” Crumpler told People regarding her relationship with Arnold. “But we’ve also always just been extremely close.”

So, what is Meghan Crumpler’s age? According to People, she’s currently 43 years old.

As for Vannessa Cross, she’s a year younger than her Too Large co-star, according to Us Weekly. At 42 years old, she’s joining the cast with a different background and perspective.

Is Vannessa Cross married? Her backstory involves her husband who died

1000-lb Best Friends focuses on all aspects of the lives of the friend group — and this, of course, includes dating. So, is Vannessa Cross married? Sadly, her husband died in 2016. She recently told Us Weekly that her dating life has been “horrible,” and she’s stopped trying for the most part.

“My dating life is horrible and I’ve kind of stopped,” Cross explained. “This is just recently. Because they say if you stop looking, that’s when a man finds you. So, I’m putting everything on hold because I tried to talk to a couple guys and ended up sabotaging myself. We get into an argument or something would happen and I’d end up wanting to eat. Right now, I’m only focusing on losing weight in myself.”

Cross then said her life “spiraled” after her husband’s death. “I gained probably at least 100 pounds [and] actually at my biggest I was 500 pounds,” she noted. “I got up to 500 pounds and then by 2018 is when I got back down to 300 pounds. But losing my husband was the worst thing of my life because I never knew that kind of pain existed.”

Cross also noted her husband “didn’t care” about her weight, as he loved her no matter what she looked like.

Who is Meghan Crumpler’s boyfriend?

What about Meghan Crumpler’s dating life? Does she have a boyfriend on 1000-lb Best Friends?

A clip from TLC shows Crumpler’s boyfriend on Too Large, Jon, proposing to her after she met a major weight loss milestone. According to Starcasm, they met online 10 years prior, and he lived across the country at the time.

“Meghan, I’m just so proud of you, how far you’ve come, and how good you’re taking care of yourself, and everything you had to go through this year,” Jon told her prior to proposing. ” … And I would like to continue to be here for you, and that way I can always have the sunshine of my life always by my side,” he told her while getting down on one knee. Meghan accepted the proposal.

“I’m engaged!” she exclaimed.

It’s unclear where the couple stands now, but we anticipate hearing more about their relationship on 1000-lb Best Friends.

1,000-Lb. Best Friends premieres on Feb. 7 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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