‘13 Reasons Why’ Fans Reveal the 2 Worst Characters of Season 3

The first season of 13 Reasons Why— based on Jay Asher’s novel of the same name — traced the life of Hannah Baker following her suicide; via a set of pre-recorded tapes, Baker explains how her so-called friends, from her new school, all contributed to her decision (which is how the book and show got the title, 13 Reasons Why). The series has proved to be one of Netflix’s most popular originals, despite a significant degree of backlash.

13 Reasons Why cast
’13 Reasons Why’ cast | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Though the first season had Asher’s source material to rely on, those behind the series have been flying solo ever since. As a result, the series has failed to garner the same critical and audience reception it received in season one. The first season of 13 Reasons Why opened to a 79% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes; however, the latter two have earned a 25% and a 45% rating respectively. 

Several characters in 13 Reasons Why are complex — intricately woven to avoid two-dimensionality and retain relatability; however, not every character is created equal. Dylan Minnette’s Clay is heroic and regretful, remorseful and enraged; fans understand where he is coming from, and feel tangible foundation is provided for each decision he makes. However, there are two characters this season that have fans outraged. So, let’s explore the two characters fans cannot stand.

1. Ani: The ‘13 Reasons Why’ narrator nobody asked for

Fans have taken to the internet via various social media platforms — mostly Twitter — to express how much they cannot stand Ani Achola (a new addition this season). Ani is portrayed by Grace Saif; the actress is known for her role in Night Out but is a relative newcomer to the industry. 

Ani narrates the season and often incorporates herself when referring to the characters’ previous struggles; using the collective pronoun “we,” she acts as if she’s been with the show all along, which does not make sense. One fan took to Twitter, stating:

Ani: We 

Me: Who the f**k is “we”? You weren’t even there in season 1 & 2 to witness any of the sh*t you think you know about!!…

Twitter user

Other fans chimed in, arguing that she is the worst character of the season and, whenever she begins to narrate, they are instantly ready to choose another show to binge.

While many fans cannot stand Ani, there’s another character that has fans on edge as well. 

2. Casey: the character (and actress) fans are disappointed in 

Casey is portrayed by Bex Taylor-Klaus in 13 Reasons Why and, as an actress boasting quite a loyal group of fans who look up to her as a source of inspiration, many are upset that she supports the show at all. Since the series has been said to glamorize suicide and disrespect those suffering from mental health issues, many fans are disappointed in Klaus. 

While some fans are upset over Klaus’ decision, others cannot stand Casey the character. One fan took to Twitter, posting a picture of Casey and Ani with the caption “the worst characters of this whole season,” as you can see below:

Though some fans find Casey irksome and were enraged following her treatment of Tyler, gripe regarding this character mostly centers around the actress’s decision to star in the show.

From Casey to Ani, 13 Reasons Why continues to strike out with some pivotal players and, as many initially stated, maybe the showrunners should have quit while they were ahead. 

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