1980s Band Blondie: What is Deborah Harry’s Net Worth and Does She Have Children?

At the height of the 1980s, you’d have a hard time finding a band more successful and more popular than Blondie. The all-male band with the sultry female blonde singer had enormous hits during the decade including Heart of Glass, Call Me, and The Tide is High, to name just a few.

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry | Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Find out what lead singer Deborah Harry has been up to, plus her net worth and whether she has children.

Harry isn’t really blonde

The founder of the 1980s new wave band dyed her hair blonde. She’s actually a natural redhead.

Harry penned a 2017 essay for InStyle in which she said, “My own hair was strawberry blonde with a lot of red in it. In the summer my highlights would really come out.”

“In 1974, when I was in my first band, the Stilettos, I actually had short brown hair. But by the time Chris Stein and I formed [our band] a few years later, I was working as a beautician and I was back to blond.”

“I was walking across Houston Street to meet Chris and someone yelled ‘Hey, Blondie!’ at me. We’d been trying to think of a band name, and I was like, ‘Blondie—that’s good. Let’s do that.’

Harry just published her memoir

The One Way or Another singer just released her memoir, Face It, in October 2019. It’s Harry’s fascinating take on a lot of jaw-dropping topics including her rough and tumble early years in New York City, her sexual assault at knifepoint, Harry’s claim of almost being abducted by Ted Bundy, and much more.

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GQ asked her in September this year why she was choosing to write her memoir now, after all these years.

“I guess I was a coward really. I never really thought of doing it and I never really wanted to do it especially. People came to me and said, ‘Oh, you’ve got all of these great stories, you really ought to tell them,’ but I was kind of reluctant.”

“There are lots of stories in the book that aren’t just me and so-and-so going out and having a night or doing this or doing that…I suppose the book is an overall kind of broad brushstroke book, trying to externalize internal events. In the end, I just had to stop or else I’d still be writing.”

Her net worth and family

Deborah Harry’s net worth is $20 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

At the age of 74, she hasn’t yet married nor had children. She was in a long-term relationship with her bandmate Chris Stein, which ended in 1989.

She discussed the #MeToo movement with The Guardian in October.

“I was working as a team and in a relationship. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable being a solo artist and I’m sure that those girls have a lot more to say about that than I do.” It’s important to note, according to Harry, that #MeToo, “makes men stop and think about their accepted behavior.”

She seemed surprised and impressed with how far women have come now in the music world. “It’s a radical change,” she says.

“I always admire young women who are so gifted [at] writing and performing. It’s wonderful and that’s an inspiration for me, even though I’ve gone over the hill, as it were. I’m climbing up the other side.”