2 Last Minute Changes That Altered ‘And Just Like That…’ Season 1

And Just Like That… season 2 is set to begin filming this fall. With a second season of the HBO Max reboot on the horizon, fans are already rewatching season 1. Even the most ardent fans of the series have complaints about things that happened in the show’s first season. To be fair, the production team battled some significant hurdles and had to make two last-minute changes that altered the Sex and the City reboot’s first season. 

Stanford Blatch’s storyline had to be scrapped following Willie Garson’s death 

Fans were treated to three episodes with Stanford Blatch before he absconded from New York, leaving behind his husband, Anthony Marantino, and his best friend, Carrie Bradshaw. In a note to Carrie, Stanford explained that he was moving to Tokyo to manage a TikTok star. The storyline is far from what was planned for the beloved character. 

Willie Garson as Stanford Blatch and Mario Cantone as Anthony Marantino in 'And Just Like That...' episode 2
Willie Garson and Mario Cantone | Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

Michael Patrick King and the writing team had to return to the drawing board when Willie Garson, who played Stanford, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and became too sick to return to set. Garson died in September 2021, just weeks after he was last seen on the set of And Just Like That… 

The original storyline was supposed to focus on Stanford coming to terms with the ambiguous nature of his job. His divorce from Anthony was supposed to be a major plotline, too, Michael Patrick King told People

Chris Noth was cut from the finale after sexual assault allegations surfaced

Chris Noth played Mr. Big for all six seasons of the original series and reprised his role in both Sex and the City movies. He returned in episode 1 of And Just Like That… just for his character to be killed off. It was the last fans would see of Noth’s character, but that wasn’t the original plan. 

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker in 'And Just Like That...' Mr. Big first appeared in season 1 of 'Sex and the City'
Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw | Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

Noth was set to return in flashbacks, especially in the season 1 finale. His likeness had to be scrubbed from the series after multiple women accused the famed actor of sexual assault. According to TV Line, an emotional cameo where Noth’s character appeared on the bridge where Carrie spread Mr. Big’s ashes was originally planned. The production team edited it out after the allegations surfaced. While the scenes didn’t alter the actual events of the finale, fans did note that the episode felt a bit disjointed.

Does ‘And Just Like That…’ season 2 have a release date? 

HBO Max has not offered an official premiere date for the second installment of their most successful original series to date. Filming hasn’t even started yet. Michael Patrick King revealed that the cast expected to begin filming season 2 in the fall, which is a marked difference from the filming schedule for season 1 and the original series. 

Sarah Jessica Parker as her 'Sex and the City' character Carrie Bradshaw in 'And Just Like That...' sits at a Mac computer wearing glasses.
Sarah Jessica Parker as her ‘Sex and the City’ character Carrie Bradshaw in ‘And Just Like That…’ | HBO Max

Season 1 was filmed on the streets of New York City in the summer of 2021. The series premiered in December. With season 2 set to begin filming in October, fans are unlikely to see it until later in 2023. When exactly it will make it to HBO Max is anyone’s guess. 

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