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On Feb. 5, the 65th Annual Grammy Awards took place at the Arena, and the Grammys Premiere Ceremony was held at the Microsoft Theater. The Grammy Awards were broadcast on CBS while the Grammys Premiere Ceremony streamed online. Showbiz Cheat Sheet was in the virtual media center for the award show. Here are some of the best behind-the-scenes moments fans were not shown on TV.

Harry Styles holds up two Grammy Awards
Harry Styles | Francis Specker/CBS via Getty Images

5. Harry Styles was asked about new music

At the 2023 Grammy Awards, Styles won Best Pop Vocal Album and Album of the Year for his album Harry’s House.

While in the press room after winning Album of the Year, Styles was asked if he had begun planning his next album. The singer admitted that he and his team did “not really stop writing” after making Harry’s House.

“I think in terms of, we’ve always tried to not really stop writing because it feels like you have this big stop and then you come back to it and can feel like you’re either trying to prove something or trying to follow something up. So we’re kind of just always writing and like to attempt to kind of have the same intention behind what we’re making,” Styles answered.

4. Samara Joy shared her reaction to winning Best New Artist

Jazz artist Samara Joy took home the award for Best New Artist at the 2023 Grammy Awards. After her Best New Artist win, Joy visited the press room to meet with reporters.

The singer was asked how she felt to win the award, especially as a Black woman.

“It means… It means everything. Because, I mean, some of my biggest inspirations were in the room as far as being confident in who you are and singing your own song. Not anything anybody tell you what to do. Being your own boss. Beyoncé, Lizzo, to name a few,” Joy shared.

She continued, “So for me to be able to win this and look at my niece and my little brother and my siblings and my family, my cousins and be like, ‘You can do this,’ you know, whatever, whatever dream you have, whatever goal that you have, whatever you’re passionate about, go after it no matter what.”

3. Harry Styles discussed his Album of the Year win

Even though Styles’ album Harry’s House was one of the biggest albums of 2022, Beyoncé was largely considered the favorite to win Album of the Year for RENAISSANCE.

In the press room, Styles was asked if he was also expecting Beyoncé to win Album of the Year over him.

“Yeah, I think, I mean, you never know with this stuff. I think there’s not, I don’t think you can look at any of the nominees and not feel like they’re deserving. I feel like when you look at, you know, when I look at this category, it’s all people that have inspired me at different times. So it’s not like… You know, you’d understand anyone winning. And. Yeah. I’m really grateful that they chose us,” Styles said.

2. Jack Antonoff talked about concert ticket prices

As backlash grows against Ticketmaster and Live Nation, Jack Antonoff has been vocal about concerts being accessible and affordable for fans.

After winning Producer of the Year, Non-Classical during the Grammys Premiere Ceremony, Antonoff was asked about the current environment when it comes to buying concert tickets.

“The whole thing is incredibly tough. There’s no reason why if I can go online and buy a car and have it delivered to my house, why can’t I buy a f****** ticket at the price that the artist wants it to be? So it’s that simple. And you know the reason why. And it’s not cause of artists. So the one thing that I would say while holding a microphone is everyone’s got to chill on the artists because everyone’s trying to figure it out, like we know who is making it impossible,” Antonoff said in the media center.


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1. Kim Petras discussed making history

At the 2023 Grammy Awards, Kim Petras won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the song “Unholy” with Sam Smith. With the win, Petras became the first transgender woman to win the award.

In the media center, Petras was asked how she was feeling after her historic win.

“All these years are going through my head of people saying I would be a niche artist because I’m transgender and my music would only ever play in gay clubs. And what’s wrong with that? I love gay clubs. They raised me,” Petras told reporters.

She continued, “And honestly, I just think that people need to judge less. And I hope that there’s a future where gender and identity and all these labels don’t matter that much and where people can just be themselves and not get judged so hard and not be labeled so hard.”

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