3 Easy Ina Garten Potato Appetizers for Cocktail Parties

Looking for Ina Garten potato appetizers? Make these Barefoot Contessa recipes that will most likely satisfy even the biggest potato fans. 

Ina Garten’s Spicy Sweet Potato Empanadas use a classic Barefoot Contessa ingredient, store-bought puff pastry

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This Barefoot Contessa recipe is easy to make, according to Food Network. Although they do take some time to prepare. Of the two-plus hours it takes to make the empanadas, about 25 minutes is spent on making them and the rest is chilling or baking time. 

A Cooking for Jeffrey recipe, here’s how Garten makes her Spicy Sweet Potato Empanadas. She starts by baking sweet potatoes for about an hour. Once they’re cool enough to handle the celebrity chef peels them and puts them in the bowl of a standing mixer.

Next, she adds salt, pepper, sour cream, butter, orange zest, orange juice, maple syrup, and chipotle chile powder to form the filling for the empanadas. Then Garten uses store-bought puff pastry — a shortcut in many Barefoot Contessa recipes — to make circles of dough.

Garten puts a heaping spoonful of the filling on each disc before brushing the edges with an egg wash and crimping the edges. The cookbook author lets the empanadas chill in the fridge for 15 minutes before baking them for approximately 30 minutes. 

Make Ina Garten’s Potato Pancakes with Caviar in 30 minutes

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Use eight ingredients to make this Barefoot Contessa appetizer recipe. Ready in just 30 minutes, Garten uses all but two of the ingredients to make the potato pancakes. As an added touch, she tops them with caviar, the eighth and final ingredient. 

Garten begins by peeling and grating potatoes. Then she uses a colander or a kitchen towel to remove as much excess liquid as possible. Next, the cooking show host mixes the grated potatoes with egg, flour, salt, and pepper.

Garten cooks each heaping tablespoon-sized potato pancake in clarified butter for two minutes on each side. Finally, they’re topped with creme fraiche or sour cream and caviar. 

Ina Garten makes potato chips cocktail party-ready in seconds

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Really short on time before a cocktail party? Do what Garten does and elevate no-cook appetizers with presentation. Instead of putting a bag of store-bought potato chips on a buffet table for guests to help themselves, she takes the chips out of the bag and serves them in a silver dish. It’s her easy way of making them special enough for a party. As Garten says, how easy is that?

Want to take the potato chip appetizer a step further?  Make one of Garten’s two homemade potato chip recipes and serve them in a fancy bowl for a major Barefoot Contessa moment.

Garten included a recipe for Rori’s Potato Chips in her second cookbook, Barefoot Contessa Parties!, and another in 2004’s Barefoot Contessa in Paris, per the cookbook index on her official Barefoot Contessa website.