3 HGTV Shows to Watch If You Love ‘House Hunters’

There are more than 1700 episodes of House Hunters available for your binge-watching pleasure on HGTV. That doesn’t even count the multiple spin-offs, including House Hunters International, Tiny House Hunters, Island Hunters, and House Hunters Renovation, just to name a few. The bottom line is you could spend weeks catching up on the series and never repeat an episode.

But after fans finally see every House Hunters episode or when they want something a little different, there are other similar options to satisfy that voyeuristic tendency that flares up from peering into other people’s personal abodes.

Here are 3 shows that House Hunters fans will love just as much as the original.

‘House Hunters’ helped spur the HGTV revolution

A sold sign outside of a house
Sold house | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When HGTV launched in 1994, no one expected it would become the ratings behemoth it is today. The network looked drastically different from what’s on these days. Show hosts got into the nitty gritty of bathroom renovations with step-by-step tutorials or helped viewers shop for home décor on a budget.

But that all changed with the launch of House Hunters. The unscripted series followed couples, individuals, and families seeking out places they wanted to live. Each 30 minute episode included the homebuyers touring three properties and then choosing one. Longtime narrator Suzanne Whang provided commentary on the process for years until her death in 2007.

The show made the home buying process look deceptively simple even from the beginning. But still, people couldn’t get enough of the series. House Hunters helped put HGTV on the map.

‘There are plenty of ‘House Hunters’ alternatives

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As popular as it is, there are only so many times fans can watch the same drama play out on House Hunters. Fans seeking an equally pleasing yet slightly different type of television show don’t need to go far to find it.

After the success of the original, other networks started following the formula and documenting the process of home buying, often with a twist. This led to multiple copycat shows that House Hunters fans will enjoy just as much.

Other shows ‘House Hunters’ fans will love

For example, Property Virgins (available on discovery+ and YouTube) focuses on home buyers picking out their first house. Host and real estate agent Egypt Sherrod provides insight for these novice buyers and provides valuable tips for viewers, too.

Say Yes to the Nest is a fun spin on Say Yes to the Dress that follows newlyweds who need to find their first property. Half the fun is seeing couples at such an exciting stage of life taking the next big step: home ownership.

For anyone who enjoys the subtle differences in British television, Escape to the Country makes a fun alternative to the original House Hunters. As the name implies, home seekers tour properties in rural areas of the United Kingdom, and their reactions and overall vibe is a little bit different compared to their American counterparts. Fans of The Great British Bakeoff are sure to love this series, too.

And if none of those work, there are the multiple House Hunters spinoffs to enjoy for almost every conceivable interest.