3 Marvel Heroes MCU Fans Want to See On Screen Sooner Rather Than Later

The conclusion of the Infinity Saga brought the end of phase three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it also brought the loss of several beloved characters. While the Avengers might not need to start recruiting to beef up their roster, that doesn’t mean more characters would not be welcome.

Marvel has a vast pool of possibilities to pull from. From the X-Men to Deadpool, who is now part of the MCU canon thanks to a hilarious team-up with Korg to critique a movie, there are characters that we have already seen on screen, albeit outside of the official MCU.

But one Reddit user opened a discussion on all the major heroes Marvel hasn’t used yet. The OP’s list and the subsequent comments produced a lot of heroes. Here are three characters that fans really want the MCU to put on screen and become MCU canon ASAP. 

Beta-Ray Bill

Making his debut in The Mighty Thor #337 in November 1983, Beta-Ray Bill is the first being outside of Marvel’s Norse pantheon that was introduced as being worthy of wielding Mjolnir. An alien warrior from Korbin, he initially fought Thor when Odin proposed a fight to the death to determine who should have possession of Mjolnir.

However, the battle essentially ends in a draw, with Bill being declared the winner, but he also refuses to let Thor die. Odin orders Eitri the Dwarf to create Stormbreaker, a weapon equal in strength to Mjolnir. He becomes a strong ally of Thor and Asgard and fights against the Dark Elves and Surtur.

There are several options for introducing Beta-Ray Bill into the MCU, but the second season of Loki might be the best choice. Given his connections to Thor, Loki, and Asgard, it would make a lot of sense for Bill to pop up somewhere on the Sacred Timeline. Initially, there was speculation that Christian Bale would be introduced as Beta-Ray Bill in Thor: Love and Thunder, but that turned out to be just that: speculation. 

Squirrel Girl

Patriot, Tippy-Toe, and Squirrel Girl in 'Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors'
Patriot, Tippy-Toe, and Squirrel Girl | Marvel via Getty Images

In 1991, Marvel introduced Squirrel Girl in Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special, as she teams up with Iron Man and later defeats Doctor Doom after Iron Man is captured. Marvel also introduced her squirrel sidekick, Monkey Joe, at the same time.

Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl, found out at age 10 that she could communicate with squirrels and squirrel-like abilities, which she called “squirrelgility.” She was initially deemed too young by Iron Man, but later fought with the Great Lakes Avengers, which became the Great Lakes X-Men.

Squirrel Girl could be introduced in various ways in the MCU. She has been in several Deadpool arcs, fought Thanos, and was a nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter, Danielle. Her origin story is quite similar to Spiderman, and one arc involves Danielle gaining spider-powers, so Squirrel Girl would fit right in with Spiderman.

Alpha Flight


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Originally created as part of Wolverine’s backstory, Alpha Flight is Canada’s premier team of superheroes and debuted in The Uncanny X-Men #120 in April 1979. Alpha Flight also had their own series that ran from 1983 to 1994. Some of the original members included Guardian (Vindicator), Sasquatch, and Snowbird, and their first mission was to retrieve Wolverine from Iron Man.

Since Deadpool is now officially part of the MCU, this might be where Alpha Flight is pulled in. In fact, in Deadpool 2, there is an Easter egg reference to Alpha Flight where a taxi cab advertising a Canadian airline with the same name that offers “Cheap Flights, Last Minute Deals, and Travel Insurance.”

Alpha Flight also appeared in the What If? stories, and of course, whenever X-Men is officially brought into the MCU, it would make sense to include Alpha Flight.