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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) introduced its Spider-Man with a desire to forge a new path — separate from the familiar Uncle Ben origin story Sony has weaved time and again. Thus, Kevin Feige and Co. gave audiences a Stark protege. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Tony Stark boast a father-son bond, a mentor-mentee dynamic that flourished in the Infinity saga (until recently). 

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr Spider-Man and Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland of ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ | Randy Holmes via Getty Images

Though Tony Stark has passed on, leaving Spidey behind to fight the baddies and mature into his superhero identity without Stark by his side, Spidey is bound to follow in Stark’s footsteps in a few significant ways.

Just because Tony Stark bid his fellow Avengers farewell does not mean his influence will dim with his passing; based on information already out there, it’s obvious that his relationship with Peter Parker will continue to shape the web-slinger. 

3. Peter Parker and a case of revealed identity; will his loved ones be put in danger? 

Just like his mentor, Peter Parker’s identity is now known to the public. While he did not make the brazen choice to reveal who hides behind the mask, the consequences will likely be the same. 

Just like Tony Stark had to worry about whether someone would endanger Pepper Potts, Spidey may have to worry about MJ, Aunt May, Ned, and more loved ones if he plans to continue standing in the way of nefarious villains with deadly plans and innately evil motivations. He will likely wish Tony was present in these moments of concern and doubt.

2. Spider-Man may come to lead the Avengers in the MCU 

While Captain America was technically the man leading the Avengers, no one will deny that Tony Stark retained a leadership influence in the MCU. Without him — and his grand technology — the Avengers would have been at a loss a few times. While Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is already becoming the tech wiz — noticed via hints dropped in Far From Home — he may also be on the road to leadership duty. 

Recent reports have indicated that, with time, as Parker matures, he may come to lead the Avengers on earth, while Captain Marvel will be responsible for creating and leading the A-Force, often managing intergalactic threats unless a paramount threat endangers planet earth. 

1. Is Parker Industries in the cards? 

Just like Stark, Peter Parker boasts the rights to a mega-corporation in the comic book series. Parker Industries is an American global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company headquartered at the Baxter building in Manhattan. Does the description sound familiar? According to Industry insider Mikey Sutton, this may be on the horizon for Peter Parker. Sutton stated:

SCOOP – 12/18/19:…Peter Parker is a rich man. Possibly. There has been talk of adapting the Parker Industries scenario from the comic books to the silver screen. Love it or loathe it, it is a take on Parker that’s never been shown in the movies before. Parker owning a billion-dollar tech company would have Parker following in the footsteps of his late mentor, Tony Stark…

In short, based on all the evidence, it looks like the MCU is grooming Spider-Man to become a man similar to Tony Stark; however, maybe he will have less of a major ego.