’30 Inches Tall and Turning 18′: What Is Georgia Rankin’s Actual Height?

Popular UK beauty YouTuber Georgia Rankin has become famous from several angles. Her makeup tutorials are her trade, but her appearance as the subject of a 2019 TLC special — 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18 — put her in the broader public eye. Her story of overcoming health challenges related primarily to dwarfism now captivates audiences worldwide.

Georgia Rankin is slightly taller than the title ’30 Inches Tall and Turning 18′ claims

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Rankin’s height — 2 feet 7 inches — is slightly taller than the number in the show’s title. It’s understandable, of course. TLC‘s 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18 has that undefinable ring that makes for a catchy name.

The TV show, which initially aired in her home country as part of a series called Extraordinary People, was only the second stage of her rise to fame. She came up by providing detailed makeup tutorials, garnering hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Her bubbly personality and skill with the various tools of her trade were the perfect formula for success on her YouTube channel.

How old is Rankin now?

The makeup content creator is 23 years old, according to Celebsmoney. Because dwarfism is such a broad diagnosis, some fans might be surprised to learn her age exceeds her initial life expectancy by several years. Rankin wasn’t presumed to make it to her teenage years.

The Sun, which dubbed Rankin “Britain’s Shortest Woman,” reports she was initially diagnosed with tufting enteropathy. The rare bowel disorder leads to repeated infections and is often life-threatening. As she reached childhood, it became clear she wouldn’t grow past three feet tall. Her skeletal structure settled in a configuration that causes her constant excruciating pain.

Still, she has lived a relatively normal, happy life, thanks to her positive attitude. She made the difficult decision to have the ball joints of her hips removed to relieve some pain. That’s why she uses a wheelchair, although she can stand and walk short distances.

’30 Inches Tall and Turning 18′ was right at home on TLC

When Rankin was 18, she had the opportunity to learn more about her dwarfism. Due to the specialized nature of diagnosing the exact symptoms of her body’s condition, she never had a direct explanation. In 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18, she travels to the United States to get an improved diagnosis. The special follows her journey to and from the country and highlights her talents as a makeup YouTuber. In the process, she finally gets her primary diagnosis: a form of skeletal dysplasia, Distractify reports.

Her journey was most widely seen when the special aired on TLC in 2019. It was at home among the lineup of reality TV shows focused on a single personality or family. It’s such familiar ground for TLC that there have been many more shows about people living with dwarfism in various contexts.

Little People, Big World was the trend-setter in 2006 and remains one of TLC’s top ongoing shows. Reality TV fans have never gotten enough of the life and times of the Roloff family. Other attempts have had mixed success, such as Our Little Family, a similar show following the Hamills. That one lasted for two full seasons before signing off. The Little Couple, airing from 2009 to 2019, is the closest to being as iconic as Little People, Big World.

There’s no word on whether more appearances on TLC are in the cards for Georgia Rankin. She continues to enjoy raking in YouTube subscribers with her makeup work. A follow-up would likely focus less on the medical aspects of her life and more on her developing fame.

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