4 of the Most Emotional and Heart Wrenching Deaths in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

When trying to survive a zombie outbreak, there will be deaths that hit close to home and are hard to watch. Netflix‘s All of Us Are Dead Korean drama ramped up the emotional toll of its storyline by killing off characters that fans became attached to. What made the deaths of some of these characters in All of Us Are Dead K-drama so heartbreaking was their backstory and journey.

Character So-ju from 'All of Us Are Dead' Episode 11 embracing On-jo before his death.
Character So-ju from ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Episode 11 | via Netflix

On-ja’s father sacrifices himself for his daughter in the K-drama

The death of On-jo’s father, Nam So-ju, was one of the hardest deaths to stomach because of the great lengths he goes through for his daughter. When the rabid outbreak in All of Us Are Dead spreads, he answers an emergency call to secure political officials.

He is forced to help them escape to the safe facility outside town. But the entire time, So-ju wanted to abandon his post to find On-jo. In the end, he escapes the facility. He makes the dangerous venture through town to reach the high school.

Fans feel his love when he cannot help a married couple saying his daughter is waiting for him. As On-jo and the characters try to escape a hoard of zombies in the gym, the door opens to So-ju. They try to escape the mountains through the tennis field.

As zombies descend, So-ju uses flares to distract them but realizes he needs to stay behind. On-jo pleads with him, but he closes the door and tells her to go. On-j watches as zombies eat her father and infect him.

Joon-yeong’s death hit a chord with his last words in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

By All of Us Are Dead Episode 11, the death toll does not let up. The main characters attempt to escape the gym using a shield created from ball cages. As they try to fight off the zombies, Joon-yeong is bitten. Fans have come to love the character and instantly know what he is thinking.

Seeing his friends start to lose the battle against the zombies, he climbs out of the contraption to push the zombies away. He helps push his friends to push the shield from the outside. What causes the scene to become emotional are the characters watching him get bit and him saying the words, “Let’s go home.”

Gyeong-su was wrongfully infected leading to his death in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

Fans can agree that one of the K-drama’s most hated characters was Na-yeon. She is the reason for the death of Gyeong-su in All of Us Are Dead and one of the worst deaths to witness. Audiences and the characters know Na-yeon despises Gyeong-su for being on welfare.

She convinces the characters that the scratch from a zombie means he is infected. To satisfy her, Gyeong-su sits alone in the recording room. He never turns, and Na-yeon takes action. She stains a handkerchief with zombie blood and pretends to apologize. In reality, she is insulting Gyeong-su and infecting his cut.

When he starts to turn, Nam-ra reveals the horrid action Na-yeon committed. The characters are disgusted by her actions and call her a murderer. As Gyeong-su turns, he starts to panic and in absolute fear. What caused fans to start sobbing was when Cheong-san used their favorite whistle to attract Gyeon-su’s attention to get him to fall out the window.

Cheong-san’s final actions before his death in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ was hartbreaking


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The biggest death fans cried over in All of Us Are Dead was Cheong-san. In episode 11, Gwi-nam returns to vow his revenge on Cheong-san. He bites his arm before he is distracted, and Cheong-san throws him off. The students are aware the government plans to bomb the school.

The characters know Cheong-san runs the risk of turning. He says no one will die to protect his friends and exchanges names tags with On-jo. He has been in love with her since they were children. Knowing he will never see her again, they share their first kiss. He enters the construction zone to lure away the zombies so everyone else can escape.

His final moments are him fighting Gwi-nam before the bomb hits. Audiences see a pile of bodies covered in ash and On-jo’s name tag. According to Director Lee’s statement on different types of zombies and All of Us Are Dead Season 2, fans speculate Cheong-san is alive.

All of Us Are Dead is available on Netflix.