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DC Comics is set to launch its Batman comedy podcast, Batman: The Audio Adventures, via HBO Max. It will arrive on September 18, Batman Day, as Comicbook reports. When we think of Batman, we typically bring to mind the dark and brooding Caped Crusader. 

But there is some comedy in the annals of Batman history, too. Remember the Adam West series? With that in mind, what other unexpected DC Comics characters deserve a comedy series of their own (besides the Joker because that’s just too easy)?

Death of the Endless

DC Comics titles
DC Comics titles at the launch party for ’75 Years of DC Comics,’ 2010 | Getty Images

In Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, Death is irresistibly charming. She’s not at all the Grim Reaper most of us are accustomed to. Instead, she demonstrates warmth and compassion.

Death would be well-suited to a comedy show because she has delivered countless people to the other side of existence and has had to learn to cope with the emotional demands of her job. You know how sometimes the only way to get through a difficult situation is to make a joke about it? Death has probably become pretty skilled at this over the years. Plus, she’d probably kill it with some fantastic gallows humor.

John Constantine and his sarcasm

John Constantine certainly isn’t the most jovial of DC Comics characters. So he might not be a natural choice for a comedy show. But hear us out. All that world-weariness has made him a master of cynical sarcasm. And that kind of attitude would be extremely useful in the comedy world.

John’s not afraid to be sardonic, and he can drop a scathing comment with the best of them. Constantine would be a master at roasts. If anyone deserves a Netflix stand-up special, it’s him.

Jonah Hex and the comedy Western

In some ways, Jonah Hex isn’t all that different from John Constantine. He’s surly and cynical, but he has a personal code of honor that he strives to live up to while working to protect the innocent. His whole thing is Western stories, so it would be a lot of fun to see him in some sort of Western comedy. Like a more contemporary, updated City Slickers for a more modern audience.

Alternately, he could co-host a roast with Constantine. Get the two of them together and no one in the DC Comics universe would be safe from their cantankerousness. It would be the best Comedy Central special of the year, hands down.

Cat Grant on TikTok


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Cat Grant is a DC character who’s quite quick-minded, which makes her a natural fit for comedy. And she gets her start as a gossip columnist. That means she’s up on all the latest celebrity news. So when it comes to pop culture comedy, she’d be at the top of the list.

In fact, she could probably put her knowledge of celebrities and pop culture to use on TikTok. Cat could pull together some amazing comedy videos without breaking a sweat. And because of her media savvy, they would look amazing and go viral in no time.