5 Binge-Worthy Shows For Those Who Miss ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Now that The Big Bang Theory is off the air, fans are rummaging through their DVD collections – searching for past seasons – hoping to relive the glory days. What will we do without Sheldon’s lack of empathy and disregard for social orthodoxies? How will we cope with Penny and Leonard no longer filling our living rooms? 

'The Big Bang Theory' Cast
‘The Big Bang Theory’ Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Melissa Rauch, Kunal Nayyapose, Mayim Bialik and Simon Helberg | Photo by Smallz & Raskind/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards

If you’re looking to fill the void the series finale of The Big Bang Theory has forged, you may wish to consider watching one of the five shows below. Though no show will ever compare to The Big Bang Theory – and it’s successful 12-season run – these shows boast certain similarities to the iconic sitcom destined to hook you. So, sit back, relax, and plop yourself back on the couch; the TV isn’t done with you TBBT enthusiasts just yet.

‘The IT Crowd’ (2006-2013)

The IT Crowd is a British sitcom focusing on a group of IT employees who do their darndest to keep their company – Reynholm Industries – afloat while avoiding social contact as much as possible. One of the employees – Jen – boasts a resume decked with IT expertise; however, in reality, she’s lucky she knows what the acronym stands for. 

In terms of synonymity to The Big Bang Theory, this show is as close as you can get. Exploring geek culture with great finesse, The IT Crowd, critics argue is a “brainy riot,” rising above some of the cheap jokes TBBT was accused of resorting to towards the end. 

‘Young Sheldon’ (2017 – present )

Did you think we could exclude this from the list? With Jim Parsons serving as the show’s narrator, you get both young and old Sheldon – it’s a two for one. If you just can’t give up Sheldon, be sure to catch this series. 


According to critics, Young Sheldon’s “cast and relatable themes bring a fresh…perspective to its central character’s familiar story. If you’re a mega Sheldon fan, this should be your obvious first choice. However, as for the humorous and loving relationships between friends, the series does not rival its predecessor. 

‘Silicon Valley’ (2014 – present) 

Silicon Valley is a must-see for all former Big Bang Theory enthusiasts. The show is partially inspired by the creator’s experience as an engineer in Silicon Valley (throughout the 1980s). 

The comedy series follows an introverted computer programmer, and his friends, as they attempt to “make it big” in the tech industry. When Richard, the lead programmer, discovers a powerful search algorithm, things at work get complicated. The show has been hailed as a funny and relevant take on contemporary tech. Silicon Valley will air its final season in late 2019. 

‘How I Met Your Mother’ (2005 – 2014)

If you simply loved the interrelationships at play in The Big Bang Theory – and can give or take the scientific slant – you’re bound to enjoy How I Met Your Mother. Instead of watching Raj struggle to talk to girls, you can watch Neil Patrick Harris’ character, Barney, cycle through girlfriends. 

The show is, first and foremost, a comedy; however – in a fashion similar to TBBT – How I Met Your Mother retains some dramatic and heartfelt moments, which are sprinkled throughout the series for good measure.

‘Parks and Recreation’ (2009 – 2015)

With a similar vibe to The Office, Parks and Recreation often has its characters break the fourth wall; thus, if you’re not a fan of being talked to while you watch TV, you may want to skip this one. 

Parks and Recreation features a stellar ensemble, including Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, and Rashida Jones – all of whom offer laugh-out-loud dialogue throughout the show’s run. Though it’s a bit far from TBBT, the characters care about each other, and the series manages to remain original in an overcrowded sitcom space.