5 Elizabeth Olsen Movies and Shows You Can Stream Right Now and Where To Watch Them

Even though Marvel didn’t put out anything in 2020, WandaVision came out swinging in January and became the most-talked-about series of 2021 so far. Elizabeth Olsen has played Wanda Maximoff for years, but this show really put her in a lead position in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and she nailed it (of course). And if you find yourself needing to watch more of her movies or shows, here are some places where you can stream them.

1. ‘Kodachrome’

Netflix — The only Elizabeth Olsen film you can find on Netflix (right now) is Kodachrome, which stars Jason Sudeikis and Ed Harris alongside Olsen. It revolves around the estranged relationship between Sudeikis’ character Matt and his father Ben (Harris). Olsen plays Ben’s nurse who urges Matt to go with them on a road trip from New York to Kansas; they have to make the trek because Ben has Kodachrome film that needs to be developed and there’s only one shop left that does that but it’s on the verge of closing. This means his photos and memories will be gone forever with his impending death. 

The movie has a 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and it seems like a classic road trip film.

2. ‘Ingrid Goes West’

Hulu — The only Olsen film fans can watch on Hulu is Ingrid Goes West, which stars Aubrey Plaza as Ingrid and Olsen as Taylor Sloane. Ingrid isn’t the best at social interaction and really craves human interaction and friendships. When she decides she wants to befriend influencer and photographer Taylor Sloane, she follows through and moves to California. Ingrid and Taylor become fast friends, but it’s not super genuine, like most things on Instagram. So will it last?

This one also has a similar score of 71 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with high praise for Olsen and Plaza’s performances. 

3. ‘Wind River’

Amazon PrimeWind River is one of Olsen’s higher-rated movies outside of the MCU, and it also stars a fellow Avenger, Jeremy Renner. Renner plays a wildlife officer named Cory Lambert who stumbles across the body of an 18-year-old woman on the Native American reservation nearby. Olsen plays FBI agent Jane Banner who is put on the case when the autopsy reveals more about the body and her death. It spirals and the case turns out to be a lot more dangerous than it seemed at first. 

This has an 88 percent and that’s mostly due to the “strong writing,” cast, and setting. 

4. ‘Sorry for Your Loss’

Facebook Watch — Before WandaVision, Olsen only starred in one other show, and that’s Sorry for Your Loss. It released on Facebook Watch, so it really didn’t get around to a lot of people, which might be why it only last two seasons, but it’s a really great example of Olsen’s acting of grief outside of a superhero sense. 

It follows Leigh (Olsen) in the few months after her husband, Matt (Mamoudou Athie), died. She’s supported by her sister Jules (Kelly Marie Tran) and her mother (Janet McTeer), however, it’s very difficult, of course, and she finds it even harder to deal with when she realizes she might not have known Matt as well as she thought. It’s completely free and you don’t need a Facebook account to watch. Plus, the first season has a 94 percent

5. Wanda Maximoff content


‘WandaVision’ Is Like a Type of Therapy for Wanda, According to Elizabeth Olsen

Disney+ — Of course, any and all Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff content that you could want is on Disney+. Olsen started playing Wanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015, which is on the site (unless you count Captain America: Winter Soldier for her cameo at the end, which is also on Disney+). Then there’s Avengers: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Again, all there. 

WandaVision just ended, but if you want to go back and relive the beginning three episodes — the sitcom ones — now knowing what you know, and break your heart just a little more in the process, you can do that too.