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It’s hard to believe that 2023 is almost here, and Netflix fans may be wondering what to watch next. The streaming service already has an impressive lineup of new shows and seasons to get fans excited for a new year of streaming. Here are our top picks that we can’t wait to watch in 2023.

That '90s Show drops to Netflix in 2023. Kitty talks to Leia on the couch in her living room.
Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman and Callie Haverda as Leia Forman in ‘That ’90s Show’ | Patrick Wymore/Netflix

‘That ’90s Show’ brings back the Formans

The long-anticipated reboot of That ’70s Show finally arrives next year. That ’90s Show follows Eric and Donna’s teenage daughter Leia Forman as she stays with her grandparents Kitty and Red over the summer. In Wisconsin, Leia makes new friends, and the group gets up to some nostalgic antics. The series premieres on Netflix on January 19, 2023.

‘Kaleidoscope’ offers a unique, immersive experience

Netflix recently released details about the new series Kaleidoscope, which was originally titled Jigsaw. The series follows a team of criminals as they attempt to breach a seemingly unbreakable vault and make off with a massive payday.

While the premise might sound like any heist drama, Kaleidoscope offers a unique experience. Each episode is named after a color, and the episodes can be viewed in any order. Depending on how the viewer watches the series, they will have a different viewpoint as the story unfolds.

Fans of the streaming service don’t have long to wait to watch this new show. All eight episodes of Kaleidoscope premiere on Netflix on January 1, 2023.

‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 and ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ premiere on Netflix in 2023

We have two different shows included under this entry, but they both exist in the same universe. Bridgerton Season 3 is bucking the order of Julia Quinn’s novels. The new season follows the story of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington as their relationship turns from friendship to love. Currently, there is no set premiere date for Bridgerton Season 3, but filming for the new season began in the summer of 2022.

The creative minds behind Bridgerton are also giving us a spinoff series following the eccentric Queen Charlotte and her love story with King George. The series will also tell the stories of Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury in their younger years. Like Bridgerton Season 3, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story does not have a release date but is anticipated to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2023.

Joe Goldberg returns to Netflix in 2023 for ‘You’ Season 4

Joe Goldberg is back in 2023 for a new season of You. The Netflix series first introduced fans to the murderous stalker back in 2018, and the series based on the novels by Caroline Kepnes has drawn a surprising amount of interest over the years.


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In season 4, Joe heads to jolly old England in search of his latest obsession, Marienne Bellamy. In London, Joe works as a college professor under the name Jonathan Moore and manages to infiltrate a wealthy social circle. You Season 4 Part I premieres on Netflix on February 9, 2023, and Part II on March 9, 2023.

Ghost hunters unite in ‘Lockwood & Co.’

Another book adaptation, Lockwood & Co., is based on Jonathan Stroud’s book series of the same name. The story follows Lucy Carlyle, a girl with psychic abilities who joins the ghost-hunting agency that gives the series its name. Lockwood & Co. is set to premiere on Netflix on January 27, 2023.