5 Nostalgic Movies to Watch on Hulu To Help Boost Your Happiness

Nostalgia can be such a powerful thing, and bring back memories you forgot were even there. So when you open up Hulu and find not one, not two, but five long-forgotten movies that meant so much to you as a kid, it’s a happy day. Now, some of these might be less forgotten than others, but either way, it might have been a while since you last saw them. Regardless, in times that might make you feel down, a little pick-me-up can come in the form of a musical about a princess-turned-swan or talking chickens.

Miguel and Tulio in 'The Road to El Dorado.'
Miguel and Tulio in ‘The Road to El Dorado’ | DreamWorks Pictures

1. Prince of Egypt

Based on the biblical story of Moses, this tells a dramatized and musical version of the famous story. With beautiful melodies and mesmerizing, it’s no wonder that this film was so beloved at the time. And, sure, it’s an old story from scripture, but it also has so much depth and heart. Moses and Ramses’ relationship was so close and went to hell so fast. And to see Moses’ people freed? Chillingly good. 

2. The Road to El Dorado 

A comedy about two con-artists is kind of been there, done that situation at this point. However, The Road to El Dorado’s Tulio and Miguel have so much chemistry, it’s hard to remember sometimes that they’re cartoon characters. Regardless, it combines the urban legend of El Dorado and flips it into a grand adventure. Maybe you thought you were Tulio when you were a kid, or possibly a Miguel? But let’s face it, Chel is where it’s at. 

3. The Swan Princess


Maybe this one is niche, but the 1994 animated retelling of The Swan Princess is so, so good. For one, the singing voice of Odette is Liz Callaway, the icon who voiced ‘90s faves Anya from Anastasia and Princess Jasmine. Another, it tells the classic story of a boy and girl who hate each other growing up, to then realize one day they’re in love. But it does flip it on its head a bit when Odette realizes that’s so superficial. It takes turning into a swan and nearly losing her for Prince Derek to wake up.  

4. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

This 2002 film from DreamWorks might be the one most hidden away in your brain. The animation is stunning and Spirit was one of the most gorgeous horses out there, animated or otherwise. It’s also super heartwarming, yet sad at the same time. A lot of kids movies did that when we were kids, huh? Like Bambi? Who approved that? Anyways, Spirit is taken into captivity and starts to lose the will to fight and remember who he was before. But, you can’t take the stallion out of this horse. 

5. Chicken Run 

Lastly, we have Chicken Run. This might seem like a fever dream to some, but for others, this stop-motion claymation masterpiece was a staple in their household. It tells the story of chickens (duh) who are on a farm where they’re bred to be eaten. One day Rocky, a “show” chicken, crashes into their barn and Ginger, the leader of the regular chickens, gets an idea. She wants Rocky to teach them to fly, like him, but he’s just another run-of-the-mill con-artist. That’s a common theme, isn’t it? Regardless, for an animated movie about British chickens, this one is a winner.