5 of Saweetie’s Most Questionable Food Concoctions

Aside from being a rapper, businesswoman, and self-proclaimed “baby hair princess,” Saweetie is also a hardcore foodie. Just look at her social media. You’ll see the usual content she’s become known for, from snaps of her bedazzled nails and “icy” chains to her most glamorous outfits. But in between those, the “Best Friend” musician has plenty of posts showing off different dishes.

She often reaches for go-tos such as seafood and burgers. But sometimes, she mixes in unexpected ingredients. With Saweetie continuing to make headlines for weird food concoctions, let’s look at five of her most-talked-about ones, here.

Saweetie in an interview
Saweetie in an interview in December 2019 in Los Angeles, California | David Livingston/Getty Images

The McGangbang

In one of the earliest food moments we can think of, Saweetie went on Instagram Live in June 2020 to show how she makes a McGangbang burger. Taking a McChicken and a McDouble, she piled the sandwiches on top of each other with french fries and sweet and sour sauce wedged in between.

As HipHopDX notes, Saweetie quickly went viral over the burger. But as it turns out, it’s apparently been around for years, dating back to the early 2000s.

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Noodles with Hot Cheetos

In another eye-popping moment, in the fall of 2020, Saweetie revealed an unusual twist to making ramen noodles.

Once she cooked them, she added a variety of seasonings and a few shakes of Tabasco hot sauce, which is already enough to make one raise an eyebrow. But it’s what came next that was the real shocker. After straining the water, Saweetie dumped the noodles into a bag of Hot Cheetos… and devoured them.

Pretty much everyone was surprised by that one, including her boyfriend Quavo, who hilariously commented, “I got food [on the way] you ain gotta do it like that nomo.”

Sweet and spicy and sour oysters

Later that year, Saweetie was hanging out on Instagram Live when she reached for an oyster. She added a bit of lemon juice first then she proceeded to put both barbecue and hot sauce on it. Her choice of toppings had someone in the background questioning her, but Saweetie dug in anyways.

“Mmm! … This is so bomb. It gives it a little tang to it,” she insisted, picking up one after another. “I love my food!” she added.

Chicken-flavored oysters

Saweetie was eating oysters again in February when she got an idea. “I don’t know why I just be walking around my house and then, boom! I got an idea and I be like, ‘I need to put this on an oyster or I need to make this concoction.’ So, this is the concoction I’m gonna make today,” she said, tearing open a ramen noodle chicken seasoning packet and sprinkling it onto an oyster.

After biting into it, she started to dance and coo, indicating she liked it. Well, we guess, don’t knock it until you try it.

Spaghetti with dressing

Saweetie also got social media buzzing in March when she showed how she likes her spaghetti. Her plate looked like you would expect it to, but then Saweetie added a large zigzag of ranch dressing.

According to Complex, there were a lot of people who were puzzled by this, but there were also some who admitted that they like to add ranch to their spaghetti, too.

We’d probably pass on that one, but what about you?