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5 of the Most Popular ‘Snowfall’ Season 5 Predictions

'Snowfall' only just ended, but fans are already counting down the days until the next season. The series ended with Franklin losing the most important people in his circle, setting up an interesting season 5 story. Find some of the predictions fans have about what might happen next, here.

Snowfall fans already want more episodes, even though the show only just ended. An FX series, the TV show follows the rise of Franklin Saint, a low-level weed dealer who turns to the more lucrative cocaine business to further his personal ambitions. Now in season 5, Franklin is more successful than he’s ever been, but he’s also realizing how lonely it is at the top.

Not only have his parents left Los Angeles, but three of his closest counterparts are ready to get out of the business. That sets up more drama in the fifth season, which honestly probably won’t be here for a while. But in a meantime, fans are weighing in with Snowfall Season 5 predictions — find five of them, here.

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1. Franklin’s dad is still around

Alton Saint was tracked down by Reed Thompson in the finale, but viewers never actually saw him pull the trigger. One Reddit user believes that’s because Alton talked him out of it, convincing Reed to help him take down the CIA instead.

“So I think Reed and Alton may end up working together to get revenge on the CIA,” the person wrote, reminding viewers that we never saw the murder and that Reed had previously made certain promises to Franklin. But many readers doubted Reed would ever turn on the CIA.

2. Cissy set Alton up

Another theory is that Alton actually did die — and many social media users are blaming Cissy Saint.

In a separate Reddit thread, some fans speculated that she might have actually tipped Reed off to their location to protect her son. “I think she did set him up,” one person wrote. “I think she whispered something in Franklin’s ear when they were saying goodbye. She isn’t going to leave her son. He is a mommas boy and she is his #2 in the big picture. She knew Alton crossed the line. She is on her way home to Franklin. Bye-bye Alton.”

Another agreed, writing: “Cissy def set Alton up. She pissed about how he mess[ed] up the Paul Davis deal.”

But others pushed back on that, arguing that Teddy tracked them down on his own. “Teddy simply got even,” read another comment.

3. Jerome and Aunt Louie won’t be as successful as they think

Jerome and Aunt Louie are ready to go off on their own, especially after Skully tried to kill Louie. After all, they’ve already had solo successes — like expanding the business to Arkansas. But some fans aren’t sure they’ll be able to fully handle things without Franklin.

Some even feel the Arkansas deal could be their downfall. “I feel like the way the writers wrote the Arkansas episode is setting them up to fail,” one person said on Reddit. “Her cousins are pretty oblivious and have no idea what they getting into, and they seem pretty resistant on the idea that they can’t use the product. I think writing a plot like where Jerome and Louise just going off on their own and being successful isn’t realistic.”

The post triggered dozens of comments, with many agreeing that Jerome and Aunt Louie will face big problems on their own.


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4. Skully didn’t actually die

The last time we saw Skully, he was bleeding out from a serious gunshot wound, but did he actually die? It doesn’t seem like it was ever explicitly said, leading some fans to believe that he survived. “Skully definitely isn’t dead. Just in jail,” said one Redditor. It could go either way w. him, he might want revenge, he might not. But I’m excited to see! I like Skully!”

It’s hard for us to imagine he’s still alive, considering how grim things looked for him. But on the other hand, Snowfall needs a villain, and if it’s not Skully, then who?

5. Mel will be at odds with Franklin

Mel has run out of chances with Franklin, especially after selling him out to reporter Irene Abe. But that doesn’t mean she’s done going after him. It’s clear she’ll never forgive him for what he did to her father, which is why some fans think she’ll be back in season 5.

“Mel is also going to come back. Likely as an enemy,” one viewer speculated. But others warned she should stay away. “if she is smart she will shut her mouth,” said another fan. “thats the second person on her orbit that has been killed by or as a result of Saint. she will be next if she acts up again.”

Fans will see what happens when Snowfall comes back. So far, there’s no official release date for Snowfall Season 5, but hopefully, it won’t be very long.