5 Shows Like ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ to Watch Now

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation first premiered on MTV in 2018. It’s a spinoff of the network’s wildly successful Jersey Shore and reunites the original cast, including Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Now married with kids, the Jersey Shore crew travels to popular vacation destinations across the United States with their new families. But even though they may be older and wiser, there’s still plenty of on-screen drama, shocking moments, and “GTL” sessions in the new series. Here are five guilty-pleasure shows like Jersey Shore: Family Vacation to watch now.

shows like Jersey Shore Family Vacation
‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ logo | MTV

‘Vanderpump Rules’ (2013–present)

Premiering in 2013, Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules follows The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran Lisa Vanderpump. In addition to her reality TV fame, Vanderpump is also the co-owner and boss of the trendy West Hollywood restaurant Sur. 

shows like Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Vanderpump Rules
‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 3 cast members | Jeff Daly/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Vanderpump Rules focuses on the titular boss and the inner workings of her restaurant, including all the drama that goes on behind the scenes with her Sur employees. Fans of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will appreciate the Real Housewives spinoff for its big personalities, messy breakups, and moments of personal growth among the cast members.

‘Love Island’ (2015–present) 

The British TV phenomenon Love Island is a hugely popular dating show that debuted on ITV in 2005 before it saw a reboot in 2015. Since its premiere, the series has inspired an entire franchise, including Love Island: Aftersun and Love Island USA.

The series follows a group of contestants (or “Islanders”) placed together in a house with the goal of finding love. The Islanders couple up with each other over the course of a season. Any player who remains “single” is kicked off the island, but participants can also get booted off via public vote. The grand prize is £100,000 (around $85,000), which the successful winning couple splits evenly.

Fans of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will appreciate the tropical setting of Love Island, which is filmed in Mallorca, Spain. In both shows, the glamorous destinations are an entertaining backdrop to the on-screen drama.

‘Floribama Shore’ (2017–present)

MTV’s Floribama Shore is probably the closest reality TV show viewers can get to the original Jersey Shore, though fans of Family Vacation are sure to get a kick out of it as well. The series premiered in November 2017 and has since aired for four seasons.

Floribama Shore documents eight carefree adults living together in Panama City Beach, Florida, for a wild summer vacation. Like Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Floribama Shore offers plenty of sex, parties, scandals, betrayals, and hilarious moments — but with a Southern twist.

‘Big Brother’ (2000–present)

The hit reality show Big Brother might require more finesse and strategy than Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, but fans of the latter will still get a kick out of the CBS series’ seemingly nonstop drama.

The reality competition show follows a group of strangers living together in a house constantly monitored by cameras and microphones. Contestants participate in physical challenges such as “The Wall” and “As Close as You Can.” Someone gets voted out of the house each week, until one remaining “Houseguest” takes home the grand prize of $500,000.

The nature of the show often leads to sneaky alliances between the contestants. And similar to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, being so close together in the same house for weeks often leads to conflict among the cast members.

‘Siesta Key’ (2017–present)

Like Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, which filmed several episodes in Miami and the Florida Keys, MTV’s Siesta Key also takes place in the Sunshine State. It follows a group of privileged young adults from well-off families as they travel back to their hometown for the summer, per IMDb.

Throughout the show, the crew drinks, boats, and parties together — with plenty of messy hookups and relationship drama on the side. So far, the coming-of-age show has aired four seasons, with the fifth in production.

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