5 Things We Expect to Cause Drama in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 premieres on Sept. 27, and the trailer for this season looks just as wild as we all expected. The upcoming episodes look like they have everything from screaming matches to tears to potential threesomes. So, in honor of the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 premiere, fellow writer Lauren Anderson and I give you five things we expect.

'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 logo with inflatable flamingo pool floats
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8 premieres on Sept. 27 | ABC

The sheer amount of people participating in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8

Over the years, the cast of Bachelor in Paradise increased with each season. The upcoming season might have the most people audiences have seen so far. In June, Reality Steve revealed that producers added a new twist to the show.

“It’s basically a rip-off of Casa Amor from Love Island. If you’re unfamiliar with Casa Amor, essentially halfway through filming, all the couples are separated with one gender going to another villa and meeting new singles,” the spoiler guru wrote.

That basically means there’s a revolving door to Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, which will definitely create drama.

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Producers added the twist simply to create more drama

We think the twist this season will create drama in a couple of ways. Of course, more people means more drama, as we said above, but the entire premise of the change-up is just to manufacture more fights between cast members. When they bring in the new recruits halfway through the season, most of the people have likely already developed relationships with others on the beach.

Now, they’re tossing in more singles and separating the men and women to see if their “relationships are strong enough to take it.” (Spoiler: They aren’t because filming literally lasts around three weeks. Nobody develops a lifelong relationship that fast.)

The Genevieve Parisi/Shanae Ankney/Aaron Clancy dynamic

Shanae appeared in Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor with Genevieve, and the two did not get along. To be honest, Shanae didn’t get along with anyone in the house. From making remarks about someone’s ADD diagnosis to the infamous “Shrimpgate,” Shanae took the title of villain, hands down. At the reunion, Shanae remarked about Genevieve hooking up with Aaron after she left Clayton’s season. However, Aaron later revealed that Shanae had actually slid into his DMs.

We know Aaron and Genevieve feel a spark during Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, so we’re waiting for Shanae to blow up over their relationship. Grab your popcorn, and get ready.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8 trailer shows a lot of tears from Jill Chin

Jill, another woman from Clayton’s season, signed up for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Multiple clips of her crying in the trailer hint that she brings a lot of drama to the beach, and really, we aren’t surprised. She left The Bachelor fairly early in the season, but it was enough time for her to have a few meltdowns. We can’t imagine what an entire season of Bachelor in Paradise might do to her.

Logan Palmer’s indecisiveness

Logan, Logan, Logan… If you don’t recall, Logan appeared in Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. He left early thanks to the coronavirus, but boy did he shake some things up before he did. Logan initially wanted to date Rachel, but after he went on a few dates with her, he decided, “Nah, I think Gabby is more for me.” Surprisingly, Rachel told him to do what he needed to, so he began dating Gabby.

It looks like Logan brings some of those wishy-washy vibes to Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Gabby appeared as a guest on the Clickbait Podcast and mentioned Logan’s “mess” in Paradise. Mark that up as another point for more drama.

Tune in to the Bachelor in Paradise premiere on Sept. 27 on ABC!

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