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50 Cent has his plate full with multiple television projects, but his name frequently comes up when people talk about a Verzuz show.

Though his most recent music-related release was the theme song for the upcoming Power spinoff Raising Kanan, some fans want to see 50 Cent go head to head on the Verzuz stage. While a few rappers’ names have already been tossed out as possible contenders, he listed his reasons for not wanting to do it.

50 Cent
50 Cent attends the ‘Power’ series finale screening at Paley Center, 2020 | Brad Barket/Getty Images for STARZ

Rick Ross, T.I. shaded 50 Cent over ‘Verzuz’

Last summer, T.I. spent days challenging 50 Cent to a Verzuz meetup by posting messages on social media. 50 Cent dissed him, making it clear he wasn’t interested. While T.I. later indicated he really wanted to go against Jay-Z, he also said he thought his catalog was better than 50 Cent’s.

“I’m doper,” T.I. told All Def. “I don’t care who sold however many records, I don’t care who has more number ones whether that means I’m up, meaning I have more number ones, more records sold, less records sold. Don’t care about that. I think my catalog is doper.” T.I. has yet to be on Verzuz, as Gucci Mane replaced him in an appearance with Jeezy.

Ross Ross, who did a match with 2 Chainz, also threw a jab when asked about a musical duel with 50 Cent. Back in December 2020, Ross appeared on the “I Am Athlete” podcast and shaded his longtime rival.

“I’m a real dude, 50 Cent had some huge records when he had the biggest producers and artists around him putting them together. That’s why right now, he can’t make nothing to save his life,” said Ross.

While discussing the potential for doing Verzuz with 50 Cent, he said he’d consider it based on his cool relationship with Swizz Beatz, who he called his homie.

50 Cent explains why he’s not interested in ‘Verzuz’

50 Cent spent time speaking with V-103’s The Morning Culture team about his TV projects, his career, and Verzuz. He reiterated his stance on not participating in the musical celebration, even as part of G-Unit.

“Verzuz was more interesting when we were completely stuck in the house,” he said. “But other than that, it’s trying to rewrite history to me.”

50 Cent explained that for him, “it already happened” and the music defined a certain period in time. He feels that the songs played tie in with when an artist dominated the music scene. “We could play music right now, and it takes you back to how you felt when you were around that person,” he said.


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When asked if he’d consider doing Verzuz, 50 Cent replied, “It depends. We’d have to be stuck back in the house.” When host Tigger told him the purpose is to celebrate the music, memories, and the artists while they’re still alive, the rapper stated, “I think that’s for people who didn’t get enough while they were doing it.”

Though 50 Cent doesn’t seem to be on board right now, it probably won’t stop hip-hop fans and artists from adding him to their Verzuz wish lists.