7 Amanda Bynes Movies Available to Stream Right Now

Amanda Bynes has a vast collection of movies. Even though she hasn’t made one in almost 10 years and has been in the news for less-than-pleasant reasons, we can’t overlook how she shaped our childhood with her comedic skills. Of course, she started off on Nickelodeon’s All That and then got her own skit series, The Amanda Show. And then she went on to star in rom-coms and coming of age comedies everyone can quote to this day. If you’re in need of a laugh and a bit of nostalgia, then these Amanda Bynes films will fill that void. 

Amanda Bynes and Emma Stone in 'Easy A' (2010).
Amanda Bynes and Emma Stone in ‘Easy A’ (2010) | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

1. ‘What a Girl Wants’ — Hulu

Every girl — or kid, for that matter — dreams of waking up one day and having a cool alter-family. Whether that’s royalty or superheroes, it’s an interesting daydream. For Daphne Reynolds (Bynes) that means she has a dad she never met who is high up in British politics and nobility. She goes to find him after high school in London and finds herself thrown into high society. This is odd for a girl from Chinatown, New York City, and she has a lot of fumbles along the way. But her charisma and ambition to have a relationship with her dad just might get her through. Plus, Colin Firth is in it, so you know you want to watch it. 

2. ‘Easy A’ — Hulu

Bynes doesn’t star in Easy A, her last film, however it is a must-watch. Emma Stone is hilarious as Olive Penderghast and Penn Badgley also has a role as the cute woodchuck mascot (yes, really). And whenever Bynes is on the screen, she steals the show as a religious fanatic who is keen on condemning everyone. And her one-liners are spot on. 

3. ‘She’s the Man’ — Cinemax on Hulu

She’s The Man might be one of Bynes’ most quotable movies and really hits it out of the park. Bynes plays Viola, who has to go undercover as her twin brother at a new boarding school in order to make the boys’ soccer team. She loves the sport so much, she’s willing to work her butt off as a boy and endure a lot.

4. ‘Sydney White’ — Amazon Prime

If you’ve ever wanted a modern-day retelling of Snow White that includes frats, sororities, and a house of misfits, Sydney White is for you. Bynes is Sydney, the Snow White offshoot, and she gets rejected by her mom’s former sorority when she goes to college. But she makes a new group of friends that is way better than what she expected. 

5. ‘Love Wrecked’ — Rent on Amazon

While you can’t get this movie for free with an Amazon Prime membership, you can still rent it for an affordable price. And it’s definitely worth the watch. Bynes plays an obsessed fan of one of the world’s hottest musicians. So obsessed, that she scores a job at his favorite resort on purpose. One night they fall off of a boat and get stranded on an island somewhere. The thing is, they’re not actually stranded. Love Wrecked stars Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett too, and Bynes really hits being a “stan” on the head. 

6. ‘Big Fat Liar’ — Starz on Hulu

The last movie on the list is Big Fat Liar. If you have the Starz package on Hulu or on its own, then you don’t have to pay extra for this one. Otherwise, you’d have to rent it, but it sells itself, honestly. Starring Bynes, Frankie Muniz, and Paul Giamatti, it follows a kid (Muniz) who does nothing but lie to get what he wants. However, he’s almost beat by an even bigger liar, Giamatti’s character. He steals the kid’s writing assignment and plans to turn it into a movie. 

7. BONUS: ‘The Amanda Show’ Season 1 — Amazon Prime rental or purchase

OK, this one isn’t a movie. But it’s a great deal on Amazon and worth a quarantine binge. If you don’t have NickHits on Amazon to stream it already, you can buy each season in its entirety for only $3.99 each. Hearing “Amanda Please!” or “Bring in the dancing lobsters!” is sure to make any sour mood better. Also, let’s not forget “Moody’s Point” and “The Girls’ Room.” Iconic.