7 Female ‘Star Wars’ Characters That Deserve Their Own TV Series

Star Wars is now a massive franchise that spans over the course of over four decades. Characters have been introduced and lost, and others have stood the test of time to become fan favorites. And with Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, the franchise has continued to grow in recent years, most notably with the debut of Disney+. 

Now there are television series outside of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. The Mandalorian opened up the franchise to live-action series, with many more in the works. There’s the Cassian Andor series and Obi-Wan series, along with a rumored one about Lando Calrissian. 

A Star Wars logo sign inside Rancho Obi-Wan, the world's largest private collection of Star Wars memorabilia, in Petaluma, California on November 24, 2015
A Star Wars logo sign inside Rancho Obi-Wan, the world’s largest private collection of Star Wars memorabilia, in Petaluma, California on November 24, 2015 | JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

While all of these sound great and continue to look at beloved characters, there aren’t any that are female-led coming up (that we know of). So, here are seven fantastic Star Wars characters that also deserve their own show too. 

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1. Mara Jade

Mara Jade has one of the coolest stories and fans have been aching to see her in action for a while. She’s only existed in Legends books and comics, which are no longer canon, but there is definitely an opportunity to bring her into the greater Star Wars universe. Mara Jade was an assassin and Emperor’s Hand Palpatine, as well as a smuggler. She was sent to kill Luke Skywalker after Palpatine’s death in Return of the Jedi

However, she went rogue. Force-sensitive Mara Jade does end up meeting Luke, and they fall in love. In Legends, they get married and she took the last name Skywalker as well. In order to bring her into canon, the franchise would have to tweak her story because her son was Ben (and since Ben Solo already exists, they’d have to scratch that). But there is a lot of Luke’s life fans haven’t seen. Plus, the series could be about her life before Luke. It’s the perfect chance to take a look at this different type of Force-sensitive individual, someone who worked closely with Palpatine. 

2. Vi Moradi

Vi is one of the lesser-known Star Wars characters because her existence is tied to Disney Park’s Galaxy’s Edge. She’s a spy for the Resistance, and exists in the time period right around the sequel trilogy (which is also the time period Galaxy’s Edge’s lore exists). She has run-ins with Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren, and is an all-around good spy. While fans are getting a spy narrative with the Cassian Andor series, this would be a nice opportunity to see a similar story in a different war. 

3. Rae Sloane

Rae Sloane is a loyal captain of the Empire, and then the First Order, and her story would be a total 180-flip look at the conflict. It’s no secret that Star Wars has some of the best Big Bads of all time. But when it comes to the protagonists or the stories told, it’s mostly from the point of view of the “good” side. And while the Dark Side is inherently bad, and the Empire is symbolism for a fascist regime, getting a look at that bad side could be cool. 

There are comics and books about that side, like the ones Rae Sloane appears in (Aftermath series, among others). But in TV or movie form, it’s not explored often. Sloane’s story is a great place to do this. She is a determined and ambitious member of the Empire, and then First Order; she is humanized and developed. A series about her would give that other perspective and focus on a truly decorated member of the Empire’s military. 

4. Trilla Suduri

This would be another series that would take a look at someone on the Dark Side. Trilla made her first appearance in the 2019 video game Jedi: Fallen Order and is the Inquisitor, Second Sister. But she did start off as a Jedi. She was a Padawan to Cere when Order 66 happened and the Clone Wars ended. They were trying to hide Jedi Youngling from the Empire, but were captured. 

While Cere escaped, Trilla was taken into the Inquisitorius. This was a typical practice once the Empire took over, where Force-sensitive people were turned into Jedi-hunting Inquisitors. Sometimes they were Jedi that they turned (like Trilla), but not always. A series about her would be interesting and take a look at (again) the inner workings of the Empire. 

5. Rose Tico

Despite being the subject of online hate comments, Rose Tico is a rather heroic character. She honored her sister’s memory by jumping on a mission with Finn, and literally lives and breathes for the Resistance. Her character was paid dust in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but a series would be a great way to continue the character’s legacy (and give her some good storylines). 

6. Asajj Ventress

One of the saddest parts of The Clone Wars’ cancellation in 2013 was that Asajj Ventress’ story was never finished. Now, the cancellation meant that no one’s stories were finished, however, Asajj’s is particularly sad because she was such a complex villain. And with the seventh season, Ahsoka and Rex’s Clone Wars journeys were able to be concluded.

However, in the time that fans didn’t see her, Ventress had some really interesting adventures. After helping Ahsoka in Season 5, she ended up having an affair and a very intriguing relationship with Jedi Master Quinlan Vos. It’s all in the Dark Disciple novel that was created with Ventress’s remaining 8-part story arc for The Clone Wars. She truly is one of the coolest characters to come out of Star Wars and is in dire need of this series. Live-action or animated would do just fine. 

7. Ahsoka Tano

Lastly, Ahsoka Tano needs to have her own show. Point blank. She has proven herself as one of the most vital characters in the franchise, with arcs spanning decades, which is something only a few characters can claim. Being Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, she has an important place in Star Wars canon, but she also created her own right as a significant part of this world. 

With this place in the franchise, there are so many rumors surrounding the character. It’s only a matter of time, at this point, until she gets her own series, but what could it be about? Her novel, Ahsoka, follows her a year after The Clone Wars ended, so a series could look at her early days as a spy in the Rebel Alliance. And the 15 years between then and Star Wars Rebels is untouched, too. Or maybe a series could be after Season 4 of Rebels, showing what she did after Malachor. 

Whatever they choose, Ahsoka’s story will continue to add to the intricate Star Wars franchise. Any one of these characters would be a great addition as well. 

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