’90 Day Fiance’: Deavan Clegg Asks Fans for Money for Breast Implants and a ‘Confidence Boost’

It’s natural for people who appear on television to spend a great deal of time worrying about their appearance. They want to look perfect. It’s not unusual for women to decide that plastic surgery and breast implants are one of the things they think will help improve how they look when the camera turns to them. What is unusual is for a celebrity to run a breast implant fundraiser, yet that’s exactly what 90 Day Fiancé star, Deavan Clegg, is currently doing.

Deavan Clegg looking at the camera, standing outside
Deavan Clegg | deavanclegg via Instagram

Why Deavan Clegg wants breast implants

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé think that Deavan Clegg is beautiful and confident, but the star recently revealed that isn’t necessarily the case. She recently tweeted that she worries about her chest when she is getting dressed. She’s decided that breast implants will give her self-confidence a nice boost. The twenty-three-year-old announced that having two children changed her body, including the way her breasts look. Deavan announced via her OnlyFans account.

“Everyone asks why I don’t show my chest much. It’s because I’m insanely self-conscious about my breast after having two kids. I’ve been wanting to get a lift and implants for a long time to boost my confidence. So I decided to do a fundraiser. Any donations will get a free photo shoot at the end of the fundraiser. I’ll make sure to write down everyone’s name and send the free photos as well a personal thank you,” as posted on Reddit.

How Deavan Clegg’s fundraiser works

It’s difficult to know exactly what fans who donate to Clegg’s breast implant will get. She mentioned a photoshoot, but it’s unclear how that will work. She also implied that everyone who donates to her cause will receive sexy photos of the tattooed model. What is clear is that Clegg hopes the fundraiser will add $4,000 to her account. She also implies that if the fundraiser works, fans will see more of Deavan’s body in future pictures.

While the idea of a celebrity using a fundraiser to raise money for breast implants might seem strange to some people, the situation makes sense to 90 Day Fiancé fans. They understand that while Clegg appears on television and does work as a model, her husband, Jihoon Lee, has struggled with employment issues. Allegedly, he’s currently working as a delivery driver.

Deavan Clegg’s history of plastic surgery

If Deavan Clegg raises the money and gets breast implants and a breast lift, it won’t be the first time. She recently underwent a lip filler procedure that didn’t end well, according to People. Deavan claims she failed to do enough research. Following the procedure, she claims the tissue damage was so extensive her lips were “dying.” Swift medical assistance saved Clegg’s lips, allowing her to retain her gorgeous smile.

Deavan Clegg has also had veneers added to her teeth. She told fans the process she used involved grinding down part of her original teeth and attaching a filler, according to Blasting News.

Deavan Clegg unhappy with the response to her breast implant fundraiser


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It’s not surprising that Clegg has received a great deal of support and backlash for her decision to hold a fundraiser to finance her breast implants. For the most part, Clegg has let the negative comments roll off her back, but there is one thing that’s bothering her. Clegg is upset that her announcement has been shared all over the internet. She said that the entire reason she shared the fundraiser on her OnlyFans account because the information that’s posted on the site is supposed to remain private and only viewed by select people. She claims that she’s reporting anyone who violates the agreement they signed with OnlyFans.