’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Can’t Understand Why Varya and Mary Fought Over Geoffrey

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance is a guilty pleasure for many people who get sucked into the drama and romance. The show follows international couples who haven’t yet met in person as the American half of the couples travel to their partners’ home country to decide whether they want to go through with the U.S. fiancé visa, which mandates that they get married within 90 days of the international partner’s arrival in the U.S.

As with any show, fans have their favorite cast members – and Geoffrey Paschel is certainly not one of them. Although some fans think it’s staged, recently two women have started fighting over the show’s villain, and fans just can’t wrap their minds around it.

Who is Geoffrey Paschel, and why don’t fans like him?

Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey Paschel | Instagram @90Daygeoffrey

Geoffrey Paschel is one of the American cast members on 90 Day Fiance, and his international partner was originally Varya Malina, from Russia. Because of the drama and the fighting between them, Paschel and Malina quickly became one of the show’s most talked-about couples.

Paschel has a tragic and difficult personal history. As the show went on, it was revealed that Paschel was hiding a criminal past: not only did he have past drug charges, which fans might have forgiven, but it was also disclosed that he had a history of violence against women. This, to most fans, was completely unforgivable. The crime sounds, by all accounts, extremely serious: Paschel’s ex-girlfriend, for whom he got arrested for battering, has described the alleged assault in gruesome detail. “He repeatedly bashed/slammed my head into the hardwood floors of my home,” she is quoted as saying according to Knox News. It gets worse: “He dragged me through the house by my hair and continued throwing my body into walls and furniture,” she continued. “I know this because of blood on my walls, furniture, etc,” the woman has reported.

It’s not hard to see why fans find Paschel problematic and some are even boycotting him.

Who are the two women who are fighting over Paschel?

Varya Malina, as we mentioned earlier, is Paschel’s on-and-off fiancé from Russia. When the allegations of a violent criminal history started coming out, Malina became understandably skeptical of both Paschel and their relationship. When Paschel proposed to Malina, she turned him down, although didn’t reject him completely – she responded, in short, that she’d rather take things slowly.

Paschel took this response as a rejection, however, and announced that he was completely moving on from Malina. He started seeing a woman named Mary Wallace and totally cut Malina out of his life. Malina, seemingly not over her problematic ex, recently flew to the U.S. to surprise Paschel at his home, where — surprise, surprise — she found him with Wallace. Drama ensued, as to be expected. 

Fans think it’s ridiculous that two women are fighting over Paschel


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The drama between Paschel, Malina, and Wallace seemed so staged that some fans are even wondering if Wallace is an actress hired to stir up trouble. Perhaps another reason why fans don’t buy it is that it’s almost impossible to understand why two women would fight so intensely over such a problematic man.

Recently on Twitter, a conversation broke out about how frustrating it is for fans to watch two beautiful women fight over someone like Paschel. “Me, watching Varya & Mary fight over Geoffrey’s psychotic a**,” the original tweet reads, accompanied by a GIF that depicts a young boy in confusion and despair. “Yeah, ain’t he a prize. They ought to both get together and kick him in the nads!” someone else added. Another fan went straight to the point about why the women shouldn’t be fighting over him, claiming: “He is creepy.” It seems the old saying is true: love is blind!