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Derick Dillard has been speaking out about his famous in-laws since Christmas. In a series of pointed Instagram comments, Derick unleashed a lot of information. While much of what he shared is what followers of the supersized family have long suspected, hearing it come from an insider has cemented many naysayers’ opinions about the Arkansas-based Duggar family. It looks like. However, there have been insiders speaking out against the family for years. Reddit users uncovered a blog comment from 2007 that seems to lend a lot of credence to what Derick has been saying recently.

A 2007 blog commented ousted the molestation allegations long before the public found out

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Joshua Duggar were made public in 2015. The ensuing media storm threatened to bring down the Duggar empire. It didn’t take long, however, for the family to find their way back onto the airwaves in the form of a new show. Derick has eluded to the fact that the show, Counting On, is not new. Instead, he claims, the show was rebranded to help the family save face during Josh’s back-to-back scandals.

In the months following the scandal, several of the Duggar girls were interviewed regarding the situation. Visible uncomfortable, viewers were concerned that the Duggar girls who were abused by their brother were never given proper counseling following the incident. Derick later went on to call Jill a victim of abuse, the first time anyone within the family has uttered the term.

A user who posted to Ibiblio in 2007 opened up about the abuse that occurred within the house. Going by the name Alice, the user apparently had significant information, although no one is entirely sure who the poster actually was. In their comment, they claimed that Josh’s inappropriate behavior was not properly handled and that the girls were not given the treatment they so desperately needed. The poster goes on to report that Oprah Winfrey actually canceled a segment with the family when she learned of the abuse allegations.  Oprah learned of the allegations in 2006 from an email. She forwarded it on to the abuse hotline, according to TMZ

The same comment indicates Jim Bob is money-hungry and is using his family

Derick took to Instagram to discuss how he and his wife, Jill Duggar, were threatened with lawsuits when they wanted to leave Counting On. For years, fans had assumed Derick’s transphobic Twitter comments were what got the family booted from the series, he insists that is not the case, and that he and his wife were never paid for their participation. Some Derick opponents are still calling foul, and refuse to believe his assertions, but the 2007 blog comment might actually back him up.

Derick Dillard visits "Extra" at their New York studios
Derick Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

In the comment, a user who has never been publically revealed their full name wrote, “They are pimping out their family for material things…” The statement is in line with Derick’s commentary on how Counting On came to be. He has long alleged that Jim Bob Duggar has been hoarding earnings from the show and decides who receives a check for their participation. He also claimed the only contract that exists for the show is between Jim Bob and Discovery Inc., the parent company of TLC, the network the show airs on.

Some fans have speculated that Jeremy Vuolo, who married Jinger Duggar in 2016, may have negotiated a contract for himself and his wife. Before marrying into the Duggar family, Vuolo was a professional soccer player. He would have likely been well-versed in contracts and would have had more business savvy than many of the other individuals who married into the family. If the rumor is true, it sounds like he is the only one who would have a separate contract.

Who is Alice?

The commenter on the Ibiblio post went by the name Alice, but followers have long suspected that was not her real name. There has been some speculation about who could have blown the whistle on the Duggar family so many years ago, but no concrete leads have developed. An additional comment on the blog post from 2015, however, does give some clues.

A second commenter who went by the name of ForAlice, alleges that the original poster was her aunt. The way the comment is worded has made many believe Alice is no longer with us. If that’s the case, some believe the commenter was a close friend or relative of Grandma Mary or another elder family member. Considering the commenter had all of the insider information way back in 2007 when most of the kids were still minors, it can be assumed she was an adult at the time. Only an adult would have been trusted with the information.

It’s possible she was a member of the family’s church, but, again, no solid leads have ever developed. In the end, it doesn’t matter who blew the whistle if the person wished to remain anonymous. Either way, they were right about a lot, and the comment does seem to back up Derick’s current-day claims.