A ‘Challenge’ Contestant Is Calling Out MTV For Doing Nothing When He Was Called ‘Racial Slurs’ on the Show

We’ve been watching The Challenge for years, and a lot of inappropriate, racist, and sexist behaviors have been totally dismissed by cast and crew.

Recently, Dee Nguyen made headlines after she posted a tasteless Black Lives Matter joke to Twitter. This ultimately resulted in her firing. While many fans were pleased with MTV’s treatment of this matter, some previous cast members will never forget the other wrongdoings of the past that slid by without repercussions.

Now, Challenge contestant Leroy Garrett is calling MTV out for what happened to him in the past. Here’s what he said about racial slurs.

‘Challenge’ castmember Dee Nguyen was just fired for racist remarks on Twitter

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Nguyen’s known for making some seriously controversial statements. But her joke about the Black Lives Matter movement crossed the line.

While Nguyen initially seemed to show support for the movement by posting a blackout post for Blackout Tuesday, she was then criticized by a follower for immediately adding photos of herself to social media. To that, she tweeted, “People die every f*****g day. You don’t know me or what I do. I suggest you wake the f**k up and get off social media.”

Then, Nguyen added her BLM joke. “I don’t know why some of you think I’m anti-Black Lives Matter. I’ve been saying that since the day I lost my virginity,” she tweeted.

This caused a back and forth with fellow Total Madness castmembers Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. Ultimately, MTV made the decision to fire Nguyen, and they told fans via Twitter.

Contestant Camila Nakagawa used racial language against Leroy Garrett

Leroy Garrett from 'The Challenge'
Leroy Garrett from ‘The Challenge’ | Isaac Brekken/WireImage

Unfortunately for MTV, Nguyen’s incident was far from the first when it comes to racism. Back in 2017, Camila Nakagawa expressed racist sentiments while competing on The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30.

HollywoodLife notes the event on the show started when Nakagawa, often called the “Camilanator” when she gets drunk, was drinking. Garrett noted that he wanted to get out the game’s strongest threats, like Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Nakagawa. And this set Nakagawa off.

From there, she started bringing up the fact that Garrett was Black in a derogatory way. “You are a f*cking idiot. Guess how many wins you’ve had? Zero. You’re a f*cking Black m*therf*cking p*ssy.” And it continued on from here.

Nakagawa was removed from the house. As for Garrett, he wasn’t shocked by her actions. “I should be super offended by it, but this is the world we live in,” he said.

Garrett is calling out MTV for this after Nguyen’s firing

The incident with Garrett and Nakagawa occurred years ago, but it’s still sticking with Challenge fans after Nguyen’s racially-charged Twitter storm. And Garrett also chimed in via Twitter when MTV fired Nguyen.

“This is a great start and a step in the right direction. BUT I wish you guys would’ve had this same energy in the past when I was called Racial Slurs,” he tweeted. “I hope U continue to keep that same energy with current and future cast members!”

He’s getting tons of support from fans and fellow castmates, too.

“Absolutely, I was in SHOCK when they allowed Camila to stay on Dirty 30,” a fan tweeted in response.

“Camila should’ve been kicked off that season on the spot, or disqualified her from the final. The fact she WON but didn’t show up for the reunion made it even more infuriating,” another wrote.

“I was and still amazed at how composed you were in this situation,” another added. “I do hope MTV takes action more effectively in the future. No one should have to tolerate this behavior for ratings. You’re def a champ.”

It looks like we won’t be seeing Nakagawa at any point on The Challenge in the future, but we do hope that Garrett returns to the show soon!

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