A Fascinating Baby Yoda Theory Connects To a ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Fan-Favorite Arc

There are so many great things about Star Wars. From the lightsaber duels to the amazing characters, there’s something for everyone. And the way that all corners of this galaxy far, far away can connect to each other is one of the best aspects of this franchise. Not to mention, the neverending theories that fans can come up with can be a bonus, too. 

A really fascinating theory actually tries to explain why Baby Yoda exists, and it connects back to an important Season 3 arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

An interesting theory suggests the Mortis Arc could lead to why The Child exists

Baby Yoda in 'The Mandalorian'
Baby Yoda in ‘The Mandalorian’ | Disney +

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CBR.com found this theory posted in March on Reddit, from the user u/AndreLoga. The title of the theory was “What if the Mortis Arc continues?” and the user wrote about how The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda could be a “conduit” for the Force-sensitive beings on Mortis.

“I have a feeling that Baby Yoda isn’t called ‘The Child’ for nothing. Not with the whole ‘family’ already named,” the user wrote. 

While his name is really reminiscent of the three beings on Mortis (the Father, the Daughter, and the Son), odds are that’s not really connected to them. He didn’t have a name and so Mando (and everyone who they come in contact with) just use “the Child.” However, the concept of balance is ever-present in Star Wars. Add that to the fact that The Mortis Arc from The Clone Wars didn’t get a conclusion, so to speak, and this theory really starts to take hold and make a bit of sense.

Why does the Mortis Arc connect to balancing the Force?

The concepts introduced in the Mortis Arc are kind of complex, as is a lot of things within the Force. But essentially, this planet housed three beings, named above. The Father was the physical embodiment of a balanced Force, while the Daughter was the Light side and the Son was the Dark. 

Throughout the episodes in this arc, the Father is trying to convince Anakin to stay after he confirmed he was the Chosen One. He wanted Skywalker to bring balance right then and there. But the Son wanted to turn Anakin for his own gain, sensing (already) that he’ll turn in the end (which he does). 

The Son ends up killing Ahsoka and the Daughter gives her life Force over to Ahsoka to bring her back. From then on, Morai (the condor which is the new embodiment of the Daughter) watches over Ahsoka throughout her life. Viewers can see Morai at the end of The Clone Wars as well as in Star Wars Rebels

But the balance is thrown off a bit. And, of course, after Anakin turns to the Dark side, it’s thrown off even further, leading to the Galactic Empire and Darth Sidious’ decades-long rule. It’s not balanced again until Vader/Anakin’s death in Return of the Jedi. And then the sequel trilogy shows a further balance of the force. 

Ahsoka’s connection to Morai and the Daughter are evident, which lends itself to this theory well

So, where does The Child come in? The theory suggests that Ahsoka has taken on the role of “The Mother,” as opposed to the Father, and is the “conduit of the Force,” balancing it out. This makes sense since she doesn’t consider herself a Jedi and is very much in a “grey” zone, even though Grey Jedi don’t technically exist. She just isn’t pledged to either side. 

“This would make such an absolutely huge deal of sense, further affirming the cyclical nature of the Force coming from balanced to unbalanced to balanced again,” the user wrote. “The cycle is just not yet completed.”

 They touch on the cycle mentioned above involving Anakin and the balancing then unbalancing of the Force. The theory says that the Daughter created the Child as both the balance of the Light and Dark as well, but in order for that to take hold, Ahsoka would have to die. 

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There are some hangups, plus it is still only a theory

The Child is around the same age as Anakin, so that would mean the Daughter (or whoever created Baby Yoda) would have done so decades earlier. 

“Take this metaphorically or spiritually, never biologically or chronologically, since Baby Yoda is older than Ahsoka and different species,” the user wrote. “But everybody is eligible to have a connection to any of The Ones, because everybody is a conduit of the Force and has light, darkness, balance and unbalance inside.”

So just like Ahsoka’s life Force from the Daughter was bestowed on her later in life, maybe that happened to The Child as well. Rebels also showed that time travel is possible, so honestly, anything could happen at any point in the galaxy and it could still make sense. Other users in the thread also noted this theory could tie in the Force dyad concept introduced in the sequel trilogy as well. 

There are, of course, a lot of “what if”s or “well actually”s that can come out of this theory. It’s not perfect and there’s a lot of complexities that come with it. But, to be quite honest, this type of theory is exactly the type of in-depth, lore-based thinking that makes Star Wars so much fun. Only time will tell if The Mandalorian really will connect to The Clone Wars’ Mortis Arc. 

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