A Harrison Ford-Type Actor Will Reportedly Play Gambit in the MCU: Who’s Best for the Part?

Gambit: the on-again, off-again, almost Channing Tatum-led Marvel movie about the manipulative and sly thief turned X-men savior. While all seemed lost for Gambit following the Fox/Disney merger (as the plans for the character were construed under Fox), recent news suggests that the combat-ready card thrower may be making his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) via Disney+. So, what do we know so far about Gambit? Who will play the character? 

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Insider reports suggest that Gambit is coming to Disney+ 

According to DC and Marvel Insider Mikey Sutton — known for running Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture and for providing scoops to YouTube channels Lords of the Longbox, Pete’s Basement, and more — Marvel Studios is planning to bring Gambit to Disney+ as a way to introduce him into the landscape. He will then feature alongside existing and soon-to-be Avengers.

…Gambit will appear in the movies but there is no solo film being discussed. What they see for Gambit is a TV series set in the MCU for Disney+. The tone talked about is a modern Western, a mutant Maverick, if you will, with sly wit and gritty action enveloped by a New Orleans flavor. 

Mikey Sutton

It looks like Gambit — and all his powers of persuasion — will receive a westernized flair — like a quick-tongued cowboy who gets what he wants, and doesn’t let anyone stand in his way. Yet, who should play such a character? Sutton goes on to explain that, though many were hoping for Channing Tatum, Kevin Feige and Co. are more likely to opt for a Harrison Ford-type actor. Who in Hollywood fits such a description? Who could convey a Gambit with a sprinkling of Indiana Jones?

Would Scott Eastwood be perfect for Marvel’s Gambit?

Scott Eastwood — who looks just like his father — boasts that handsome look and southern charm needed to play a Western-type sly trickster. He has already starred in The Longest Ride, and though he may not be the biggest name in Hollywood, the MCU does not shy away from opening the door to stardom.

How many people knew Tom Holland or Sebastian Stan by name before the MCU? While they both appeared in other movies, Marvel solidified their reputations in the biz. The studio could do the same for Eastwood, and given the presumed career boost to follow, they could probably snag the actor for a modest salary. He looks the part, sounds the part, and can easily convince fans; you just need to throw a cigar in his mouth and toss him on a motorcycle. 

Could Matthew McConaughey work?

Though Matthew McConaughey is already 50 years old, a Hollywood 50 is not the same as a layman’s 50. However, if Marvel plans to keep the character around, he could age out of the role. Though — from the accent to the look and the overall disposition — the actor is a perfect pick. And, Marvel Studios could choose to cast the actor at a later stage in life, choosing an origin point for the X-Men that strays from Fox’s former iterations. 

What about Chris Pine for Gambit in the Disney+ series? 


While Chris Pine may not scream Western, he definitely proved his chops for the genre in Hell or High Water, and he boasts more name recognition than Eastwood and has more potential for longevity in the part than McCoughaney. Chris Pine may be the perfect pick — in terms of his A-list status, look, age, and acting portfolio — but it would be great to see the studio take a risk on Eastwood.