A Kiss in ‘The Bachelor’ Promo Has Fans Freaked out For Matt James’ Season

It’s time; another new promo for The Bachelor recently dropped and Matt James’ season is drawing closer. With his premiere coming in January, a longer trailer for the season came out and it looks really dramatic. As they all do, but there was also one thing that caught some fans’ eyes and it was… his eyes. 

‘The Bachelor’ promo showed how Matt James kisses and some fans noticed they stay open in one shot

Matt James is THE BACHELOR
Matt James is THE BACHELOR | ABC/Billy Kidd

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In an unprecedented move from ABC, they chose an outside person to be the next leading man for the 25th season. Typically, the lead for an upcoming Bachelor or Bachelorette season appeared on the previous season of the opposite show, vying for the affections of the lead on that previous season. 

This time around, James was just a close friend of Tyler Cameron, who was a fan-favorite on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. James was set to appear on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette, but with COVID-19 pushing things back, ABC decided to announce their Bachelor early. This also came after more scrutiny over the show mounted over the summer regarding racism, promping James as well, who is their first Black Bachelor. 

But his new trailer does look promising. That is, until some fans on Reddit pointed out that he kisses with his eyes open in one shot around the 1:30 mark in the trailer.

In on Reddit post, a user wrote, “Wtf was that. I hate an open-eyed kiss. Scary,” while another wrote, “I have so many questions about that kiss where his eyes are wide open. I need context, I need answers.”

More fans called it a bit “disturbing” writing that they “hope he doesn’t do it all the time” while another said it was their “worst nightmare.” In another post on the site, someone pointed out that they don’t think it’s “his usual style” and was just a “one-off” but they admitted they “can’t stop thinking about” it.

He had some defenders though. One user wrote, “He was about to close them!” And another straightup said it didn’t bug them. “I normally would hate it, but I kinda liked it. It was very senusal like ‘I want to see you.’” 

Other fans were very aware of the shower scene in the promo 

The phrase, “To each their own” has never mattered more than this moment, right here. But that wasn’t the main highlight of the trailer for many viewers. Nope, the shower scenes are back and was a main focal point of the promo. If cans can recall, it was also a big deal in Colton Underwood’s season too. 

“All I remember from that promo is his nipple and his eye open kiss,” a fan said, perfectly summing up both points. “oh… we’re back to the shower? Ok,” another wrote.

But some are a bit tired of it. The Bachelor shower is nearly a trope at this point, with how often it was used in Underwood’s season, at least. “Omg Matt was looking fine af. But, the shower scene shot again?!” one user wrote. “Lmao. Thought they left that with Colton’s season. I didn’t mind it though.”

“Do you think Jesus will talk to him there too?” another user also hilarious asked. 

James had never understood what ‘I love you’ meant before the show

James already received some flack from Bachelor Nation after an earlier promo. He said something along the lines of never being in love before. This caused a lot of people to worry that he wouldn’t be able to identify what love was or not be able to fall in love with someone on-screen. 

However, host Chris Harrison clarified that James just might have found something far greater than anything he’d experienced before. 

“It’s not that he hasn’t said ‘I love you’ before,” Harrison told Us Weekly on Nov. 24. “I think the problem with him is he realized being the Bachelor, he had never fully understood what it means. He didn’t understand the weight of it.”

Harrison went on to say that the experience “opened” James’ eyes and he’s a “different man” now than when he started the show. 

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