A Look Back at Miranda Lambert’s Relationship History

Congratulations are in order! On February 16th, singer Miranda Lambert revealed that she had gotten married.

“In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched!” she said on Instagram. “My heart is full. Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for…. me.”

She posted the caption along with two photos from her and Mcloughlin’s wedding day. In the photos, the two were all smiles.

But Lambert’s love life wasn’t always so great. She has had some truly rocky dating and relationship moments. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Jeff Allen McManus

Lambert’s relationship with McManus started off normally but by the end, she was making headlines for what went on. The couple dated for three years and were engaged before she met Blake Shelton and began an affair with him.

“I would imagine that the Miranda I knew 12 years ago is a completely different person now,” McManus told Radar of her affair when the two finally split. “I don’t necessarily mean good or bad, but you grow a lot from 18 to 34. But you’ve also learned a lot and should know better.”

In response to McManus’ comments, Shelton said that Lambert’s love life was “karma.”

“I’m sure Miranda did [Blake] dirty just like she did me, but he wasn’t thinking about me when he was cheating with her, so I don’t know why he thinks its karma,” he told Radar.

Blake Shelton

Shelton and Lambert first met at CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets Concert in 2005. At the time, Shelton was married to Kaynette Gern and Lambert was still with McManus.

“I didn’t know if it was just initial butterflies… I don’t know what it was,” Lambert told Hoda Kotb of the first time she met Shelton. “It was just this draw to each other.”

The two began an affair before eventually calling things off with their significant others.

They got married in 2011 but by 2015, the romance had worn off. In Julyof  that year, they announced their divorce.

“This is not the future we envisioned,” the stars told US. “And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends, and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter.”

Anderson East

Lambert wasn’t down for long after the split. Just five months after her divorce, she announced that she was dating Anderson East in December of 2015. The pair dated for over two years before going their seperate ways in April 2018.

Evan Felker

Later that month, Lambert began dating Evan Felker of the Turnpike Troubadours when the band opened for her on tour. They only dated for four months before the relationship ended.

Brendan Mcloughlin

Lambert’s current husband is a bit different from her previous beaus. He’s a policeman and eight years younger than the country singer. The two announced their marriage on Valentine’s Day weekend of this year.

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