A Major Difference Between Jinger and Jessa Duggar Is Clear in Their Recent Photo of Jessa’s Visit to Los Angeles

It’s shocking to think that the Duggars have been on television for over a decade. While it all started with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sharing the lives of their 19 kids with their viewers, all eyes are on their adult children now — especially Jinger and Jessa Duggar.

Jinger has garnered a ton of attention since the summer of 2019, as she moved to Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and daughter, Felicity. As for Jessa, she had her daughter, Ivy, back in May 2019 — and fans have adored seeing her Instagram posts about her three kids and husband, Ben Seewald.

Now, the two sisters came together for a rare visit. And when Jeremy posted a photo of Jinger with Jessa, we noticed a stark difference between them.

Jessa Duggar just surprised Jinger Duggar with a trip to Los Angeles

The Duggars are from Arkansas, and since they’re such a close-knit family, no one ever imagined any of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids would make a huge leap over to the West Coast. Jinger proved everyone wrong, though. After Jeremy accepted studying at Grace Community Church for his graduate degree, the couple planned their move to Los Angeles.

As for Jessa, she still lives close to the large Duggar home in Arkansas with Ben and their children. And while she’s stated before that she doesn’t see herself living in Arkansas forever, we highly doubt she’d ever go as far as Jinger went.

While Jessa probably won’t move to L.A., she did visit her sister there right before the New Year. “Being with family is always extra special during this time of the year. It was fun having @ben_seewald & @jessaseewald with us for a few days recently—Ivy Jane is growing fast!” Jeremy captioned his post of him, Jinger, Jessa, Ben, Ivy, and Felicity.

Jinger’s outfit shows her modern-day style

The photo of Jinger, Jeremy, Jessa, and Ben is certainly sweet, and they all look like they’re doing quite well. As for Jinger, she’s sporting a sleek trench coat with tight pants and boots. But we can’t forget that she would’ve never been allowed to wear something like this growing up.

The Duggars were raised with ultra-strict rules regarding how they were allowed to dress. The women were only allowed to wear long skirts that hit below the knee, and tops that covered the shoulders. Michelle talked about avoiding “defrauding” often, which is the act of stirring up desires in men by dressing provocatively.

Now that Jinger is on her own, she chooses to wear pants — and she even talked to her parents about this decision. “We had conversations before I started wearing pants and just shared my heart with them where I saw the Lord leading me,” she said on Counting On. “I was really grateful for their response … they said just to walk with the Lord … and to seek to honor Him and to maintain modesty, and so I think I’m really grateful for their hearts and how they’ve just instilled that in us kids.”

Jessa appears to still abide by Duggar dress code

While Jinger is going her own way with pants, Jessa is clearly still into the skirts. In the photo Jeremy posted, Jessa is wearing a skirt that hits right around knee-length, which should be Jim Bob and Michelle-approved.

That doesn’t mean Jessa is just as conservative as her parents, however. We can’t forget that In Touch Weekly reported that Jessa was seen rocking a shorter skirt in a 2018 episode of Counting On. Since she’s married, she no longer has to go by the rules set forth by her parents. Instead, as long as Ben is comfortable with what she chooses to wear, then that’s what matters. And Ben has proven he has a more liberal view on a few life matters than Jim Bob and Michelle do.

As for baby Ivy, we’re not sure if she’ll be sporting long skirts as she grows up. Jinger dresses her daughter up in plenty of adorable (and not Duggar-approved) outfits. We’re hoping Jessa breaks the rules and does the same!

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