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Many viewers question what Gary’s (James Roday Rodriguez) job is and why he’s the only one we don’t see working in A Million Little Things. Maggie’s (Allison Miller) radio show is the center of some episodes. Regina’s (Christina Moses) restaurant and now her food truck is always in at least one scene of the ABC drama. Nearly all the characters mention or go to their job on the show except Gary. Take a look at why we think Gary’s job never comes up in A Million Little Things, and if he can afford that apartment.

What is Gary’s job in ‘A Million Little Things’? 

Viewers of A Million Little Things found out what Gary’s job was in season 1 episode 4. There’s a short clip of Gary sitting in a desk chair at a computer, arguing with a woman named Evelyn about how much a person’s insurance policy is worth. 

“I’m an actuary, Evelyn, I do this for a living,” Gary says during the phone call. “OK, how much do you think his life was worth?” 

At that time, he worked as an Insurance Agent at Scacco-Leibel Insurance. The series creator DJ Nash also gave more insight into one outlet at the time.

“He is an actuary,” series creator DJ Nash told IndieWire. “His whole life is in valuing someone’s life with an insurance company, where you put a monetary value on someone’s life. That was a deliberate choice in career for him. He probably goes through life with a chart of, ‘This is what someone’s worth, this is what this is worth, this is what this is worth.’ That whole definition of what life is worth has been challenged by the loss of his friend.”

Why don’t we see Gary working in ‘A Million Little Things’? 

In A Million Little Things Season 1, the writers gave viewers background information about the cast, including where Gary worked. However, as the show went on, it was only necessary to show someone working at their job if it was relevant to the plot. Since his job is relatively boring to watch, it’s not surprising that the producers don’t show Gary working. 

Since A Million Little Things incorporated the COVID-19 pandemic into season 3, Gary probably works from home now. An actuary is a job that easily could now be an at-home job. Unless it’s relevant to the storyline, there’s no real reason to show Gary working from home. 

Can Gary afford his apartment in ‘A Million Little Things?’ 

'A Million Little Things' James Roday Rodriguez smiling at Gary Mendez
‘A Million Little Things’: James Roday Rodriguez | ABC/Darko Sikman

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Since viewers do not see Gary working in A Million Little Things, many people wonder if he could afford his apartment in real life. According to Indeed, an actuary makes an average salary of $112,027 per year. The average rent price in Boston is $3,634, thanks to RentCafe. Gary’s rent is about 38% of his income, slightly higher than the recommended 30%. However, his rent could be less, and his salary could be more. It’s not a stretch for Gary to pay for his lovely apartment in Boston on an actuary’s yearly income.

Although fans might not see Gary working in A Million Little Things, he has a job as an actuary that allows him to live his lifestyle. Some things might seem far-fetched in the show, but his living situation and career aren’t. 

A Million Little Things Season 5 returns sometime in the winter of 2023 for a midseason premiere date. The first four seasons are currently available for streaming on Hulu.