‘A Million Little Things’: Melora Hardin Returns As Maggie’s Mom, Patricia Bloom

In A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 18, Maggie’s mother (Melora Hardin) returns to the ABC drama for a surprise visit. In episode 17, a fertility doctor gave Maggie (Allison Miller) and Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) bad news. The couple did not conceive on the first attempt; however, Maggie is hopeful as their journey continues. She doesn’t expect a surprise visit from her mother, Patricia Bloom. Here’s a recap of what happened last with Maggie and her mother and why Melora Hardin looks so familiar. 

'A Million Little Things' guest star Melora Hardin smiles as Patricia Bloom (Maggie's mom)
‘A Million Little Things’: Melora Hardin as Maggie’s mother, Patricia Bloom | ABC/Darko Sikman

Who plays Maggie’s mom in ‘A Million Little Things’?

Melora Hardin has portrayed Maggie’s mom, Patricia Bloom, since A Million Little Things Season 1. In episode 16, “Rosary,” she first appeared when Maggie went in for surgery. Although Gary and Patricia did not hit it off at first, they bonded in the hospital chapel that episode.

Viewers probably recognize Hardin from playing Jan Levinson opposite Steve Carell’s Michael Scott in the long-running sitcom, The Office. However, according to IMDb, she has many other movie and television credits. During her time at The Office, she also appeared in 17 Again as Principal Jane Masterson and 27 Dresses as Maureen. In her time after the comedy, she’s appeared in Falling SkiesThe BlacklistWhen We Rise, and Transparent: The Lost Sessions

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Hardin acted in the Amazon Original Transparent as Tammy Cashman from 2014 to 2019. She also starred in The Bold Type on Freeform as Jacqueline Carlyle from 2019 to 2021. Hardin starred opposite her real-life husband, Gildart Jackson, as a married couple — Jacqueline and Ian Carlyle.

A Recap: What happened between Maggie and her mom in ‘A Million Little Things?

Melora Hardin returns to the A Million Little Things cast to reprise her role in season 4. However, viewers haven’t seen Maggie’s mother since season 2. Patricia spoke with her daughter in the back half of season 2 about Maggie’s breakup with Gary but did not appear in the episode. 

Maggie’s relationship with her mother is complicated. In season 2, Patricia visited Maggie and Eric (Jason Ritter) in Boston. At the time, Maggie’s mother thought that Eric had received her dead son’s (Chad) heart. Patricia told Maggie that her brother died in a car accident while she was at the movies with her friends. However, the truth came out in season 2 — Chad was alive when he arrived at the hospital but had a traumatic brain injury. Patricia made the last-minute decision to donate his heart but did not tell Maggie. Instead, Maggie believed that her brother had died immediately when his car ran into a tree.

Viewers find out later that it was Eric’s fiance who received Chad’s heart. She died in a motorcycle accident, and Eric couldn’t bear to tell Patricia it was Chloe who received the heart, not him. Eventually, all of the secrets came out. 

When Maggie and Patricia spoke on the phone in late season 2, she refused to tell her mother why she and Gary broke up. 

Why is Melora Hardin back as Maggie’s Mom in ‘A Million Little Things’?

In A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 18, Gary sits down with Maggie’s mom, Patricia, to talk and have a drink together. Although Maggie and her mother often argue, Gary’s famous for lightening the mood. Since the couple already told their friends about their intentions to conceive together, they will likely tell Maggie’s mother. Melora Hardin returns again in season 4 episode 19.

A Million Little Things Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC and is available for streaming the next day on Hulu.

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