A Possible Leak Hints at a Major Ahsoka Connection to ‘Star Wars Rebels’ and Mortis in the Finale of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

The final two episodes in Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars are going to be a doozy to get through. Not only have Episode 9 and 10 shown how aesthetically gorgeous the final arc is, but also how good the writing will be so it can break fans’ hearts just a bit more. Order 66 is coming in Episode 11, but after that, it’s unknown what Ahsoka and Rex face. We know they meet again in Star Wars Rebels, but how do they escape a ship-full of Clone troopers programmed to kill Jedi? Only the upcoming episodes will tell, but a new potential spoiler from a toy boasts a major connection to Ahsoka’s convor Morai. What could this mean for the former Jedi? [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead through Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 10, and possibly future episodes].

Ahsoka salutes Rex on board a ship in 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'
Rex and Ahsoka on board a ship in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ | Disney+

A special edition toy might have spoiled a special ‘Star Wars Rebels’ guest in the final chapter of this arc

A Reddit post from April 25 pointed out new footage of Ahsoka in Episodes 11 or 12, that looks like she’s deflecting Clone trooper blaster fire. This is a definitely shot from Order 66 when her troops turn on her thanks to the horrible chips in their brains. 

Another user commented below the post and bet that all the footage from trailers and promos are only through Episode 11. The user, u/xdeltax97, suspects that nothing from the season finale is out there. That’s where user u/BetweenTwoLungs12345 came in with the kicker. They wrote that a video from the 2020 New York Toy Fair shows a Diamond Select Ahsoka statue that’s dressed in her Season 7 outfit, holding Morai in an outstretched hand. “So we can guess at least that interaction will happen in the finale,” they wrote. 

In the video, around the 9:35 mark, the presenter said that the Premiere Collection statue is a “more realistic” take on Ahsoka from this season. Another Reddit user pointed out how big of a spoiler this is, if it actually correlates to scenes in the finale. “Woah. That might be a major spoiler. A secret cameo from the daughter would be the last missing element to bridge some of the grander mysteries together,” they wrote.

Who is Morai? What does she symbolize?

Why is this such a big deal? It’s just a bird; what could this mean? Well, if you aren’t familiar with Star Wars Rebels, after Ahsoka has her duel with Darth Vader in the season finale of Season 2, Ezra from Season 4 pulls her out of harm’s way. He was going through the World Between Worlds, which is basically a way to time travel in Star Wars. It exists on another plane of existence. So, he pulls her into the World Between Worlds and Morai, the convor, is there. 

Morai is the one to guide Ezra to the portal that holds Ahsoka, essentially becoming the reason she’s alive. Before he saves her though, Ezra tells Morai that he’s seen it whenever Ahsoka was around. The bird didn’t stray too far from her. When Ahsoka sees her, she says, “She’s an old friend. I owe her my life…”

Now, Ahsoka knows who Morai is, but their first meeting is never explained, however, fans do know another version of Morai. Back in Season 3, during the Mortis arc, Ahsoka died because of the Son, who is an embodiment of the Dark Side. The Son killed his sister, the Daughter, who is the Light Side, but she had one last gift to give. She gave her life Force to Ahsoka, which Anakin helped distribute. Morai has spiritual ties to the Daughter, so it makes sense that she’s also tied to Ahsoka who has the Daughter’s life Force in her. 

If this toy is a spoiler, that means that fans might get to see Ahsoka and Morai’s first meeting in The Clone Wars finale, which also could mean Ahsoka’s life is severely threatened. This seems highly plausible, and would honestly be super significant for fans.  

What can fans expect from the last two episodes?

After Part II, Ahsoka and Rex finished their mission on Mandalore. Maul has been captured and the Mandalorian government has been turned back over to Bo-Katan. Coming up in Parts III and IV, the newest clip that Lucasfilm released, Ahsoka is heading back with her 332nd Company to Coruscant. Maul’s knowledge of Darth Sidious will be useful to destroy him, and that’s number one on Ahsoka’s mind. 

However, before they leave hyperspace, Order 66 is probably going to happen. Ahsoka most likely doesn’t make it back to Coruscant, but it’s unknown how she escapes the Jedi Purge. As stated above, regardless of whether Morai shows up or not, the original Reddit thread pointed out that Ahsoka’s troops turn on her. We knew this, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be any easier to watch. Buckle up, because this is where the horror begins.