A Small Detail In Multiple ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Episodes Has Fans Worried and Annoyed

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the world’s most iconic and acclaimed medical dramas. The television mainstay has featured some of the biggest stars in television over the years and has weathered numerous scandals.

Still, in spite of the headlines and the occasional backlash, fans have continued to show up for each new season in droves, following along with their favorite characters.

In spite of the love that fans have for the show, there are some sources of annoyance. In a recent Reddit thread, Grey’s Anatomy viewers dissected one small detail that makes the doctors and staff on the show look rather careless. 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has won many awards

GIACOMO GIANNIOTTI, ELLEN POMPEO | Gilles Mingasson/ABC via Getty Images

Grey’s Anatomy debuted on television in 2005, created and helmed by the talented Shonda Rhimes. The show details the lives, both personal and professional, of the doctors, interns, staff, and attendings of Seattle Grace Hospital (later renamed Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital). The series deals with not only the professional hardship of being a surgeon but the trials and tribulations of working women everywhere.

Series lead Ellen Pompeo’s star has risen over the years, and these days she is considered to be one of the most iconic actresses on television. Pompeo has been featured in the show since it premiered in 2005, and although many other cast members have come and gone, Pompeo has remained.

The acting on Grey’s Anatomy has won numerous accolades from critics, and over the years, the show has been nominated for a staggering 38 Emmy Awards. The show has also won a handful of People’s Choice Awards, and several Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. 

How realistic is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

While fans love the romance and drama featured on Grey’s Anatomy, many viewers are also drawn in by the complex medical situations featured on the show. From day to day, the doctors on the show deal with some truly bizarre situations, and while Grey’s Anatomy does occasionally portray some gritty surgeries, the truth of the matter is that the show glamorizes the reality of being a doctor.

Some studies have shown that Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t accurately portray what it is truly like to be a doctor at a major hospital and that the show often features complex medical cases much more often than they actually occur in real life.

In fact, Grey’s Anatomy has been shown to be one of the less-realistic medical dramas, with more lighthearted shows like Scrubs making the cut as being more true-to-life.

For diehard fans, this isn’t especially surprising, as some doctor interactions on Grey’s Anatomy are especially egregious — and recently, some fans on Reddit discussed one particular habit that some the characters have that seems at odds with their occupation. 

Fans are concerned about a specific character pastime in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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A fan on Reddit posed an interesting question to the Grey’s Anatomy fan community: “Does it bother anyone else when they hit golf balls off the roof? The could be causing any number of accidents and damage.”

Others quickly chimed in, with one poster commenting “I like the IDEA of them hitting golf balls off the roof, for the show. I think it’s a neat way for the guys to wind down or just spend time together. HOWEVER, for the sake of making a show seem real, they shouldn’t be doing this at all, especially as doctors who supposedly respect life, protect life, and give people second chances at life.”

Another fan stated that the doctors are “littering” by hitting golf balls off the roof, and one said that the habit is “bothersome” at best. There were some fans who defended the golf ball scenes by stating that showrunners likely want viewers to believe that the doctors are hitting the balls in the nearby water — but many still weren’t convinced.

Ultimately, this is one detail that could stand for less screen time in future seasons, according to the fan community.